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Can I Move House During Coronavirus

Can I Move House During Coronavirus

Moving houses is stressful at the best of times, add in a global pandemic and it can cause more reason for stress. But Men That Move can assure its customers -  yes you can move during Covid-19 and we follow government guidelines to keep our customers and staff safe. We have a comprehensive moving strategy and all of our staff have been updated on this. 

Coronavirus and Moving House  

Moving is an essential service and is allowed during current restrictions. If you are moving from Sydney to Brisbane or any interstate move we advise you always check that states restrictions, whilst moving house has been listed as an essential service Australia wide some states could have quarantine periods etc.  

All of our fleet vehicles have hand sanitizer stocked and as part of our coronavirus training workers showing any signs of a cold or sore throat are advised to not to work and get tested. Our moving model is well suited to rules such as social distancing and safety precautions. For example our eco-friendly plastic boxes. We drop these to your doorstep ahead of time and collect from your doorstep once you have unpacked. Pick up and drop off is contactless. Our drivers and movers are extremely experienced and you can give your instructions to us via email or any special instructions over the phone. This means you do not need to be in close proximity at moving time, or simply yell at us from more than 1.5 metres away! 

Is it safe to move house during coronavirus?

The answer is yes, whilst many activities can be put on hold during this time, if you are locked into a moving date, for example, home settlement dates, end of lease etc, moving house cannot be put on hold. Using professional and experienced removalists is more important right now to make sure your move is handled with care and safety. We make sure to constantly stay up to date with current government guidelines and best practice. 

Preparing to move during coronavirus

Any time you move house having a plan helps make the process smoother, but during pandemic times a plan is essential. Planning means knowing exactly what supplies you need to avoid going back and forth to the shops plus making sure well ahead of time the shops are stocked with what you need. 

To prepare for a move during COVID-19 keep the following 3 steps in mind.

1. Buy everything at one time and buy more than you need.

Keeping your visits to the shops limits your virus exposure, so make sure you plan and write a list before your shop. It’s also a good idea to go weeks in advance of your moving date to make sure the shop has the stock and leave time for them to re-stock if they are out of supplies. In addition to our plastic moving boxes that we supply we sell additional moving supplies which we can drop at your doorstep with the boxes. 


Ask us any questions or worries you may have.

It's important to us that you feel comfortable and safe with the move if you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to ask us. We can let you know our Covid-19 policy and extra safeguards we have enacted to protect our customers and workers. And it can take the stress away when you know exactly what takes place on moving day. 

2. Clean as you go.

Cleaning and moving usually go hand in hand and now more than ever this is an excellent time to clean your belongings. A deeper clean than usual also means all items are packed and sanitized ready for your new home. When was the last time you wiped down mobile phone chargers or lamp switches for instance? If you do not have store-bought sanitiser mix one tablespoon of bleach to 3 litres of water and you have your own homemade sanitizer.

3. Can coronavirus be caught from furniture?

The COVID-19 virus can be caught from touching contaminated objects or surfaces and then touching your eyes, face, nose and mouth. That is why all medical advice is for vigorous hand washing and refraining from touching your safe when out. Hard surfaces like metal and glass are thought to have more chance of the virus being on the surface than porous surfaces like fabric. As part of our training and updated practice, our staff frequently wash hands and use sanitizer. 

Men That Move have remained open and operational throughout the lockdown period. We have experience in moving during coronavirus and fully understand the extra precautions necessary to make every move as safe as possible.





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