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Can I Move House During the 2021 Sydney Lockdown?

Can I Move House During the 2021 Sydney Lockdown?

The current 2021 Delta Covid outbreak in Sydney has lockdown restrictions to control mobility and movement. But you are allowed to move home during lockdown in Sydney. The NSW Government states on their website It is also considered a reasonable excuse to leave your home if you need to :


  • Move to a new place of residence, or between your different places of residences


So the answer is YES you are allowed to move home and book a Sydney removalist during the Sydney lockdown. 


We have put together a list of FAQs on moving during the lockdown. Of course for any clarification or further questions please contact the NSW COVID hotline. 




Q - Can I move home during the Sydney Lockdown?


YES - you are allowed to leave your house for the reason to "move house or between your residences" 


NSW services and the COVID hotline advises that Sydney residents are allowed to move home for the end of lease moves, settlement and emergency situations. You need to make sure you carry some paperwork and ID to show if any authorities ask. This could be a lease agreement or a photo of the sale details etc. 


Q - Can I move house and book removalists if I live in and LGA declared a hotspot?


So what about the LGA’s declared as hotspots and have greater lockdown restrictions? These LGA’s are currently

  • Blacktown
  • Campbelltown
  • Canterbury-Bankstown
  • Cumberland
  • Fairfield
  • Georges River
  • Liverpool
  • Parramatta
  • And some suburbs of Penrith - Caddens, Claremont Meadows, Colyton, Erskine Park, Kemps Creek, Kingswood, Mount Vernon, North St Marys, Orchard Hills, Oxley Park, St Clair and St Marys.

Regional Areas

  • Dubbo
  • Armidale
  • Newcastle and the Hunter
  • Northern Rivers - Ballina, Byron Bay, City of Lismore and Richmond Valley LGA.
  • Far North NSW - Bogan, Bourke, Brewarrina, Coonamble, Gilgandra, Narromine, Walgett and Warren local government areas.
  • Tamworth

So YES you can move house from these LGA’s and regional areas. You are able to move from a location inside the local LGA to a residence outside of the LGA. Even if it is to an area outside of Greater Sydney to a regional NSW area. 


Q - Can I book a removalist?


Yes, but there are certain conditions as declared by the NSW government. 


The conditions that must be followed is any removalist that usually lives in the restricted LGA’s cannot work outside of their local area. This means that they cannot move any customers that live outside of their local LGA. They can move customers from one residence to another residence in the same local area they reside in. 


Q - Can Removalists move me out of the restricted area?


Removalists who live outside of the restricted areas can work on any job moving in or out of the Greater Sydney Region plus regional areas. They must follow all COVID protocols as declared by the government. 


Q - Can I move from Greater Sydney to Regional NSW? 


Yes, the same rules apply to make it a reasonable excuse to leave home when you are moving house.


Q - Can I move interstate from Sydney?


All states in Australia have their own rules around allowing NSW residents to move into their states. Please check each state's relevant government rules as they are subject to change. All states will have information on their websites and all have state-specific COVID hotlines you can call.


Q - What are the mask rules when moving?


Masks must be worn by removalists at all times. Masks must also be worn by residents when in the following areas (during the move and at all times when in the following areas) 


  • Common indoor areas in residential buildings

  • a shared foyer or lobby of an apartment block

  • lifts, stairways and corridors

  • shared laundry facilities.


Masks must be worn by anyone entering including


  • residents and visitors

  • building managers, concierge staff and cleaners

  • people providing goods and services including tradespeople and contractors

  • people delivering food, mail and parcels. 


Q - Do I need any paperwork to show authorities during my move?


Yes, it is mandatory to carry your NSW proof of residence if you are moving from any area, even from one home in the LGA to another local home. It is also advisable to have some kind of proof of your move for example a photo or the actual paperwork of the lease agreement, or letter from the real estate agency etc. We advise if you want further clarification to please call the NSW Covid hotline. 


Q - What are Men That Move COVID Protocols?


Our entire team follows Covid safety plans and Covid operational procedures to comply with the government restrictions and make all customers moving with us safe. We stay up to date with the Public Health Orders to minimise transmission of the Delta Covid virus. The health and safety of all our staff and our customers are of the utmost importance to us. 


All of our removalists wear masks and follow social distance guidelines. We provide online quotes and do not need to visit your home to provide quotes. We also have a drop and collect service for our eco-friendly plastic boxes. These will be dropped and collected at your doorstep as a contactless service. Making unpacking and packing easier, 


Q - What happens if further restrictions are put in place that affects my move?


If any restrictions come into place that affects your move we will work with you to make sure all COVID public health guidelines and protocols are followed. 


Contact us - 1800 438 668


Men That Move have remained open and operational throughout the lockdown period. We have experience in moving during coronavirus and fully understand the extra precautions necessary to make every move as safe as possible.



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