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What are the Costs of Moving House?

What are the Costs of Moving House?

Are you moving house and want to know how much a removalist will cost? Moving is exciting, and possibly involves a few nervous worries, one of which may be how expensive moving may end up being. If you are moving out of home for the first time, moving to a new city like from Sydney to Melbourne or upgrading your home there are removalist costs involved that are the same for every move. 


Costs that are going to be involved no matter where or why you are moving include the removal company and your own transport. But there are hidden costs of moving that people often do not budget or account for. This will only add to any stress you feel about the move so make sure you keep ahead of these moving expenses and allow room in your budget. Fewer unknowns means cheaper moving costs and less stress!

Furniture Mover

Cost: From $125/hr (Includes 2 Men and a 30m3 Truck)

Obviously this is the biggest moving cost, hiring the best removalist does not mean the cheapest removalist. So make sure you look at services, reviews and prices. Men That Move offer very competitively priced moving quotes and we can give you a price that is locked in before the move so no hidden costs are involved. Our removalist price starts at $125 per hour for 2 movers and a 30m3 truck. 


The price of hiring a moving company also depends on how far you are moving and how big your home is, eg how much you have to move. We move people into small Sydney studio flats all the way up to Point Piper mansions, the costs between these two moves is not the same. Interstate moves are more expensive than moving to a few suburbs away. Within the price of a removalist is also the extra services on offer and what you select. For example, we offer packing and unpacking services. 

For interstate moves we have a moving calculator on our website which breaks down the volume of your move and helps us provide the best quote price available. 



Packing Service

Cost: from $125 per hour

Packing and unpacking are the biggest job when moving house, and often the most loathed task. If you do not have the time or inclination we offer a packing service. You can book either packing up the old home or unpacking at your new place or both. The stress is so much less and if its in your budget it is possibly the best service you can add to your moving package. Just call us and we arrange a free in home quote. 



Cost: approx $75 - $400 per month

Sometimes short term or long term storage is required when you move. Often this happens when you sell your home and settlement dates for your new home and old home do not match. Then the storage of your furniture whilst you stay with family or friends is a good solution. Storage is charged by the size of the storage container and either on month by month price or on a longer-term price base that may include a discount for 6 months or longer timeframes. It is sometimes impossible to plan for same-day moving as issues with the settlement can happen so have a backup plan in place, either contingency storage saving in the budget or talk with friends a family asking for short term storage space in their garages. The latter will save you money and keep moving costs down. 

Men That Move offer a storage service that is great value and starts from $75 per month.



If you are moving interstate for an interim job role that does not require you to move all your belongings, get some quotes from storage companies and ask for long term discounts, even tell them the comparison quotes to try and get a discount. Getting the best price will again save you moving costs. 


Vacate Clean

Cost: $90 - $650 approx professional, $30  DIY

Vacate cleans are expected whether you are moving out of a rental or your own home. People moving in expect a thorough cleanout of the property. Just as you expect for your new home. Depending on your time constraints a professional cleaner may be the easiest option. Vacate cleans are standard jobs for cleaners and they will usually offer hourly prices with a minimum of 3 hours for a vacate clean. Like with removalist process cleaners also want to know the size of your home but will also ask further questions like how big of a clean is needed. Generally, cleaners want a full day to clean average homes as it includes cleaning every room and deep cleaning of bathrooms, ovens, windows and floors. So budget at least $200 minimum for a cleaner. On average a cleaner charges $30 per hour. 

If you have the time and want to save money on moving then allow time for a DIY clean. Around $30 is all you should need for cleaning supplies, the biggest issue is to allow for time. A professional cleaning team takes a day on average, DIY vacate cleaning will not be the same. Pack a room, clean it and ban it from use to make the cleaning process easier. Allow weekends leading up to the move for particular jobs, like oven cleaning, window washing and cupboard cleans. Whatever time you think it may take its a good rule of thumb to double it! 

If you are renting check your rental contract as it may require you to steam clean the carpets. You can hire a professional and they charge by number of rooms required or you can hire a steam cleaner and do it yourself for less. Steam cleaners charge around $120 for 3 bedrooms or $35 per hour. Hiring your own may cost anywhere between $75 to $120 for the day. Again it depends on your time, budget and preference. 

Also, the home you move into may not have had such considerate occupants as yourself and require more cleaning. You may not need a vacate clean so the cleaning will not take as long and cost less. But if you can put another $200 in your contingency budget in case of a less than clean new home.


Moving Supplies

Cost: $30 - $100

This is one of the main benefits of hiring Men That Move as your mover. Our boxes are FREE and not only that they are strong sturdy plastic boxes with lids. They stack easily on top of each other for easy packing. Not only are they free we also drop them off and pick them up for Free! This is value added at no cost to save you money and make moving house so much easier!!


For other costs this all depends on if you are DIY moving home or using a professional removalist. Some other companies may provide cardboard boxes but no tape, scissors and wrapping paper. If you are DIY moving your home then go to supermarkets and ask for boxes to help keep costs down. Check social sites for people wanting to get rid of their boxes or even put out a post asking for boxes. Moving companies also sell boxes even if you are not using their removalist services. 



Cost: $100 - $250 

DIY moving will usually need you to hire a trailer but sometimes even if you are using a moving company you might also hire a trailer for some items you want to move. Check with the trailer hire company whether they provide straps and ropes in the trailer hire cost or if they are extra. If not they may charge extra or you can ask around to borrow from friends/family or buy some from Bunnings. 


Reconnections and Redirects

Cost: $45 - $200

When moving home you need to think about connection and disconnection costs. Some gas and electricity companies will charge a fee for either or both. Usually, if you are still in a contract and are changing providers for your new property then a fee will be charged. With a lot of competition for business these days though it pays to ask for discounts. Tell your existing company the deal you are getting with the new provider and ask them to match it, if they do then you save on disconnection fees. Shop around and tell the providers you will choose the one that offers the best discount including no connection costs. There are deals to be made - just ask!

Also do not forget about redirecting your mail, this cost depends on the timeframe for the redirection but starts around $45 for 30 - 60 days. 


Moving Budget

The answer to the total cost of moving house depends on so many factors, DIY or professional, size of the home, the distance of move but always budget with a contingency of at least $200 for unforeseen costs. 

Men That Move offer the best prices in all the major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and regional towns like Newcastle and Geelong. We can move you interstate or from one street over. You can easily book online and get the total cost upfront. 




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