Moving and Packing Tips

Moving is all about packing. Make it an easier process by using our eco-friendly plastic boxes. The boxes are stackable with flip lids. This means you can pack items in advance and neatly store them in your home. Preparation is the key to a successful move. Don’t leave everything to the last minute. It will only serve to make the whole experience extremely stressful. Follow these tips to help make the move easy.

    • Pack items not used daily in advance
    • Label every box with room and summary of contents
    • Do not overload boxes
    • Use bubble wrap and linen for fragile items
    • Wrap any easily scratched items
    • Pot plant bases should be wrapped in plastic
    • Pack any fragile items such as paintings, mirrors and glassware in bubble wrap and cardboard
    • Use a packing service if you can’t manage it all by yourself.

Thinking ahead well before the move date will help you on the day. Have a move pack ready, with scissors, labels, permanent markers and tape. Write a list of contents for each room; don’t list each small item if they can be grouped into a category. Pack your own bag with valuable jewellery items and move this in your own car on the day.
A great tip to try and follow is to start spring cleaning your house in the weeks before the move. Cleaning out items you don’t need any more and tidying each room will not only make the packing easier but the unpacking much quicker.


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