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Eco-friendly Moving Box System

Our customer’s feedback show that without a doubt the moving box system we have makes their experience so much easier and less stressful. On top of that great feedback the boxes are FREE. We could not be more proud of the amount of cardboard waste we have reduced. Not only do they help the environment, they help make your move so much easier! Pack them, put the lid on and stack them. We are very pleased to now offer our FREE moving boxes on the Sydney – Brisbane Interstate Route.

Check out how it works.


Make sure you book at least a couple of weeks in advance to qualify. When speaking to the booking team, mention the 'free box offer' for Sydney/Brisbane moves.


We will work out a time that’s good for and drop off the boxes so you can pack. This is FREE of charge! Don’t stress if you work odd hours – any time will suit us from early mornings to late nights and every hour in-between.


One of the best features of our boxes is the fuss free packing. You can start as soon as the boxes are delivered. No flat boxes to deal with and tape up. And no tape needed to secure the box when packed. Just pop the lid on and stack it on top of another box. Keep your house neat while packing. If you would like further packing help, we offer complete packing services. This is where a team will pack your house for you. Just speak to our booking team and we can advise on all of the packages and services. ..


Our moving team will work with you to understand your move. How many items you have to transport, the time-frame you need and any other individual requirements you may have. Transporting your possessions safely is our number one goal. And our plastic boxes help contribute to the safety of your move with their strong and compact design.


Unpacking will never be the same again once you have moved with us. Simply pop the lid of, unpack and stack the box out of the way. The best bit – no cardboard to try and fit into your recycling bin! We also offer unpacking services, we can have you unpacked and set up in your new home without you lifting a finger!


Once you have completely unpacked, call us to collect the plastic boxes for you. As with drop off, collection is FREE of charge. If you are too busy exploring your new neighbourhood or simply don’t want to wait for us – just leave the boxes at the front door for us. Our booking team will make sure you set a time that suits you – whether you are home or not..
House Packing Image
House Packing Image

All boxes are delivered free of any fees or charges 14 days before your move. This time-frame works for nearly all of our customers. But we are totally flexible and if you would like the boxes for longer just let us know. You can rent them weekly for a very small charge. Don’t hesitate to call our Sydney Brisbane Removalist team with any queries. Any question you have we can answer and offer advice on. At Men that Move we have been in the removalist industry for years and are happy to help with any requirement. Call us now to secure your move date and FREE box offer – 1800 438 668.

How many boxes will i need?

  Not Much Regular Large
1 Room 15 20 25
2 Room 25 30 35
3 Room 35 40 45
4 Room 45 50 55
5 Room 55 60 65

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