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Free Moving Boxes

One of our most popular services is our FREE box offer. Now made available FREE to clients moving from Sydney to Canberra or Canberra to Sydney. We are proud to a deliver eco-friendly plastic box system that leaves you with less stress and mess. Not only are the boxes easily packable and stackable, but the extra strength of plastic compared to cardboard ensures your items are safe when on the move.

This is how it works!


Book at least 10 days in advance to qualify and secure the offer. Mention the ‘free box offer’ when making your booking.


Our team will arrange a time convenient to you and drop the boxes off FREE of charge. After hours or early mornings are not an issue, we are very flexible with delivery times. We will give you a call and confirm the time prior to delivery and make sure boxes are not just left at your door when no-one is home.


Our box system means you can start packing with little fuss. Our boxes come with lids – no tape needed. The whole system has been designed to make packing easier for you. We also have a packing service on offer on top off our removalist service. Just let us know what you need.


Our friendly and professional moving team will carefully load your boxes and furniture, and then safely move them to your new residence. And safety in transit is assured with our strong and sturdy plastic boxes.


Your unpacking stage will be so much easier with our plastic box system. Once the box is unpacked it stacks easily within another box and you can store them neatly and out of the way until we collect them. You won’t be left with messy cardboard boxes taking over every room in your home! As with packing we also offer an unpacking service.


Once you have unpacked give us a call and FREE of charge we will collect them from you. Our system could not be easier!

House Packing for interstate move
sydney to canberra removal boxes

We deliver your boxes for free up to 14 days before your scheduled move. In our experience we have found this timeframe is most popular with our clients. But if you need the boxes for longer than 14 days, you can rent them weekly for a very small charge.
Speak to our Sydney Canberra Removalist Team with any question or queries regarding the free box offer.

If any other queries don’t hesitate to call our office on 1800 438 668.

How many boxes will i need?

  Not Much Regular Large
1 Room 15 20 25
2 Room 25 30 35
3 Room 35 40 45
4 Room 45 50 55
5 Room 55 60 65
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