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Free Moving Boxes

We are proud to announce that our free box offer is now available to those customer moving from Sydney to Melbourne, or Melbourne to Sydney. Not only will our Eco friendly boxes save you time and money during the packing process, but the extra strength of plastic boxes over cardboard will ensure your items are safe during the journey between Australia’s largest cities. This is how it works!

Step 1

Book your move at least 10 days in advance to qualify for the offer, whilst booking mention the “free box offer”

Step 2

We will deliver your boxes free of charge, Our delivery times are quite flexible and we will provide plenty of notice before the delivery of the boxes

Step 3

Start Packing!! Our boxes don’t need to be built and or taped which will provides a simpler packing experience. If you require a packing service as well as your Removalist service we have this option available as well.

Step 4

Your Plastic boxes and furniture will be moved into your new residence, The plastic boxes are strong and sturdy ensuring your items are safe in transit

Step 5

Unpacking! The plastic boxes nest and stack inside of each other, and you don’t need to worry about getting rid of those pesky cardboard boxes! Unpacking service available as well.

Step 6

We collect the boxes free of charge, ready for them to be used again and again and again.
House Packing Image
House Packing Image

Boxes are delivered for free up to 7 – 10 days before your move. We allow a 7 day unpacking timeframe for free of charge. If you require your boxes for a longer period of time than the allowed free period there is an option for the boxes to be rented from us.

For any questions or queries regarding the box offer please don’t hesitate to call our office on 1800438668

How many boxes will i need?

  Not Much Regular Large
1 Room 15 20 25
2 Room 25 30 35
3 Room 35 40 45
4 Room 45 50 55
5 Room 55 60 65

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