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We are interstate removalists specialising in moving our clients between Sydney and Canberra. At Men that Move we offer daily interstate moves and can work to any required move date and timeframe. Whether you are moving from Canberra to Sydney or from Sydney to Canberra we are the movers you need. Our drivers are highly experienced and always make sure your belongings make it safely to your destination. We are affordable and offer great value for money. We are not your run of the mill removalists; we have been in this game for years and offer a much higher quality of service than our competitors – but keep our prices low and extremely competitive. How can we do this?

We keep our overheads low with a fuel efficient fleet and well organised moving practises. No waiting 5 days in your new home with empty rooms and no belongings – we will get to you the next afternoon or earlier.

Another point of difference that we have at Sydney Canberra Removalists, are our eco friendly moving boxes. When you choose us as your movers we provide easy to use and pack plastic boxes for FREE. Easily stackable and packable – your move will be made easier and simpler. Our team will drop the boxes to you and get you on the way to a move that is stress free.
We have a specialist interstate removalist team and our Sydney Canberra movers team will make sure all your needs are taken care of. We have experience and expertise all types of moving needs – whether you have a grand piano or 1 bedroom flat we can move you.
Our pricing structure is simple to understand and very affordable. Combined with great service and affordability, Sydney Canberra Removalists are the movers of choice. Contact us know to get a quote.

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We make interstate moving easy

  • Simple, cost effective pricing with a great service
  • Honest, hardworking reliable movers
  • Next Day Delivery between Sydney and Canberra
  • Free Eco friendly plastic moving boxes
  • Packing and Unpacking services available


Sydney Canberra Removalists – Customer Testimonials

We have been in the moving business for years, and have moved countless client’s interstate between Sydney and Canberra. Check out our local reviews for Sydney Canberra Removalists left by many happy clients. We also service Wollongong and Newcastle – contact us for a free interstate removal quote



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Moving interstate can be an overwhelming experience with many tasks that can be easy to overlook or forget. No matter how much planning or list making you do, moving interstate can throw up unexpected surprises. Check out our list of top ten tips for interstate moves that can make your move much smoother and stress free.

Planning your move well ahead of time will give you a map of dates to meet your checklists. Getting ahead of time and not being pushed for time will go a long way to keeping stress levels low. Your checklists should be made up of the following; 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, two days before, one day before and the day of the move. Each checklist will make sure your move is mapped to a timeframe and nothing overlooked. Of course there are things not able to be done until close to the move, like packing up your clothes but there is a lot that can be done well before. Like packing your rarely used fragile items.

By booking in your mover early you will be able to lock in prices and get your removalist of choice. If you leave it too late you may be stuck with little choice of mover. We do book out and find that our great reputation means we book up fast. We are large enough to usually fit in most bookings but to help make your move go smoothly for you we prefer you book well ahead of time.

If you have always wanted to get rid of your unused or oft-used possessions but never gotten around to it – now is the time. In this day and age it is so easy to accumulate ‘stuff’. Get real with yourself and 4 weeks out from your move take the time to finally do a clean out. You will feel so much better knowing you will be starting fresh at your new property without useless junk. Remember too that one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Have a garage sale, check with your neighbours and have a big combined garage sale. List your garage sale on a well-known site like egaragesales.com.au for wider exposure. This is a great and free way to downsize your un-needed possessions. There are also online sites such as Gumtree or Ebay. You can donate your items, there are many groups who will come and collect from your home. And then for items you have that no one wants, make a trip to the tip. Or call your council for a kerbside hard rubbish collection if they offer it. A good rule to follow when going through one of these ‘clean outs’ is the 1 year rule. If it is not sentimental or a family heirloom and you have not used it in over one year then get rid of it. The clarity and sense of achievement you will feel at the end of this process will be worth all the effort. And of course your move will be made easier.

We have moved countless times and heard every tip and hardship from our clients. The one thing they are thankful for or regret not doing is always the same – Label and name everything! Yes it can be annoying and a little time consuming, but what a difference it will make when you unpack. The whole unpacking process will be quicker and more efficient. Put a room and list on the label. That way the movers can put the right box in the right room, and you can unpack in a thought out manner. E.g. Cutlery before ornamental vase.

Simple and easy to do! Don’t throw out food and waste money. Have a weekend in which only food from the freezer can be eaten. Never had sausage rolls for breakfast? You will be in for a treat!!

Don’t leave changing your details with banks and utility companies until the last minute. All of these companies use systems that are able to put in future dates. Make sure to also visit a post office and have your mail redirected. The general rule is 3 months but it can be any time frame you wish.

If only all pets could be trained to pack and carry boxes but alas we have yet to encounter any such pet. Make your move day easier and have a friend or kennel house look after your pet for the day. .

Make sure to arrange all new connections such as gas, electricity, telephone and internet connected ahead of your moving day. Not all utility companies do same day hook ups, so plan ahead and have light and Facebook ready for your first day. That way you can update your Facebook status and take a great new home selfie with good lighting!

Buy a whole lot of resealable plastic bags for your own sanity. You won’t believe how many little screws can be discovered when dismantling furniture. Label the bags clearly and tape them to the relevant piece of furniture. Trust us when we say you will be thankful when putting everything back together after your move.

You will have items that need to be on hand during the move and accessible as soon as you are in the new property. Having them stored in a move kit will make it easier and really anything that makes a move easier is worth it. Examples of moving kit items are:
-phone charger
-change of clothes
-toilet paper
-children’s bed time toys
-tea, coffee & kettle
The list will be different for everybody – but one thing remains the same – don’t forget the champagne bottle!
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