Our System


We deliver green plastic moving boxes

Our free plastic moving box offer allows you to have the use of our boxes for up to 14 days in total, We will deliver for free our eco friendly plastic moving boxes prior to your move (see below for terms and conditions) During our online booking process you will be able to select the most suitable 3hr delivery window for the boxes to be delivered.  We also have other packing materials available upon request such as bubble wrap, butchers paper and wardrobe boxes. All of which will be conveniently delivered to your door.

Most customers have the boxes delivered approximately 7-8 days before the move leaving 6-7 days for unpacking. However any combination of the 14days would still be with in our free period. If you need more than 14days to pack, the boxes are available to rent on a weekly basis


You pack & prepare

Our boxes are strong and lightweight, easily stackable and don’t require taping shut, simply close the lid. Our boxes can be re-used up to 500 times, saving many cardboard boxes from landfill. These boxes not only provide you with an easy way to pack, but also save you time and space when it comes to the move.

Don’t feel like packing? Not a problem! Packing service available HERE


Our specialist team moves you

Arriving on time and ready to work our experienced team will get your belongings from A to B safely and efficiently. Our trucks come fully equipped with trolleys, blankets and straps. On moving day the benefits of our boxes will shine, with the ability to easy trolley multiple boxes and stack neatly and compact into the truck. Our boxes will save you money!


You unpack and organise

Once you arrive at your new home, take a few days to unpack. Our boxes stack neatly without taking up space. Simply flip the lid open, no cutting tape and no more paper cuts!

Don’t feel like unpacking? Not a problem! Unpacking service available HERE


We collect the boxes

Once your move has been completed, we will collect our boxes 7 days after your moving date. If you have previously used cardboard boxes, you would have had experience with how wasteful and bulky the disposal of cardboard boxes are – most boxes end up in landfill. Instead, our plastic boxes simply return back to base for a quick clean before being used over and over again.


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Free Plastic Moving box Offer – Terms and Conditions

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the following information. Men that Move believes in “Our System” and is focused on transforming the removalist industry into a greener and more eco friendly industry. Therefore will always try our best to make the free box offer available to all our customers.

– Bookings must be made 7 days in advance to qualify for free box promotion.

– Boxes will be delivered a maximum of 10 in advance, with collection of boxes no more than 7 days after the move. Fees may apply to customers who do not have boxes ready for collection within the 7 days time frame.

– After speaking with the customer, Men that Move will try and determine the appropriate number of boxes needed. Fees may apply to customers requesting the incorrect amount of boxes and requiring additional deliveries.

– Boxes are at a limited supply, meaning this offer is subject to the availability of boxes and delivery times

– The offer of Free delivery and collection of boxes is subject to the customer being available at an appropriate time suitable to Men that Move. Delivery or Collection charges may apply for customers needing specific delivery times or too those who reside outside of the 25km radius to the Sydney CBD

– Fees apply (based on Pick up location) to customers who arrange a collection of boxes but do not have all boxes available and present when Men that Move arrive to collect.