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Sydney Melbourne Removalists will get you moving! Are you moving from Sydney to Melbourne or moving Melbourne to Sydney?  Men That Move are now providing daily interstate moves between Sydney and Melbourne. With our experienced team and eco friendly moving boxes for FREE, your next big move has just got easier. You don’t need to wait five or more days for your items to be delivered to your new home, we can do it the next afternoon so you can settle into your new home.

We are known for great service and our unique moving boxes (no more buying cardboard boxes) backed by a simple, easy to understand pricing model. Our free box offer is now available to those customer moving from Sydney to Melbourne, or Melbourne to Sydney. Our local teams deliver boxes ahead of your move and once your have finished unpacking in your new city, we will pick them up. Get a quote from Sydney Melbourne Removalists

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We make interstate moving easy

  • Simple, cost effective pricing with a great service
  • Honest, hardworking reliable movers
  • Next Day Delivery between Sydney and Canberra
  • Free Eco friendly plastic moving boxes
  • Packing and Unpacking services available


Sydney Melbourne Removalists – Customer Testimonials

Sydney Melbourne removalists have been moving clients around Australia for years. Check out some of our local reviews from happy removal clients below. If you’re moving between Sydney and Melbourne or Melbourne and Sydney we can help. We also service ACT (Canberra), Wollongong and Newcastle. Contact us for a free interstate removalist quote.


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Top 10 Tips for Organising your Interstate Move


So you’re making the plunge and moving house interstate. But suddenly you realise the daunting task that you have ahead of you. There is always more to do in a house move than you think when you start. This list of 10 tips for organising your house move should help to make for a smoother less stressful experience.

If you can plan out what you need to do in advance and get going well ahead of time, it will make a huge difference. Create a checklist of things you need to do 4 weeks out, another list for things to do 2 weeks out and another list for 1 week out, two days before, the day before and on the day. Yes there are things that you can’t do until just before the move but there are also plenty that you can do beforehand.

That’s right it’s time to get rid of the junk that’s been building up over the years. Even the non-hoarders among us tend to gather a reasonable amount of stuff that we never use and, if we are honest, never will. If there is some value to the item then you can sell it. Gumtree is a great online way to sell old second hand stuff or if you are in more of a hurry cash converters in another option. Or you could even go old school and have a garage sale! Get more people to your garage sale using a site like egaragesales.com.au You can also be the good neighbour and give stuff away if you know anyone who could use it, or you can donate it to charity. Anything that is worthless can go to the tip. You’ve got to be a little bit ruthless here. The last time I moved I had to do this in two shifts. The first time around I went through and thought I had gotten rid of everything but then did a second round and was able to be a bit more ruthless the second time around. Of course, don’t get rid of anything with sentimental value, but everyone has stuff that holds no value, sentimental or otherwise, that they’ll just never use.

The earlier you do this step the better – reducing your stuff down to what you actually need to move will provide a bit of clarity and make the whole thing seem less overwhelming – and if you can sell some of it you can actually pay yourself for the effort!

This is another thing you should do early, to make sure you get your first choice of movers. The longer you leave it the less fussy you can be on who you get to move. The best movers are likely to be the ones that book out faster. While we do our best to accommodate all clients we prefer you book well in advance. We make sure we are there from point A to point B. Check out our system and see why we’re different.

If you start this one early you should be able to use up a good amount of what you have in the freezer. Depending on how far you are moving it may not last the journey and you don’t want to have to chuck out perfectly good food.

It may seem like a pain at the time but labelling you boxes with what they contain and what room they belong in will save you a lot of hassle and time when you are unpacking. A little bit of time spent on this will save heaps of time when it comes time to move.

You can even take this one to the next level and keep an inventory of everything. To do this set up a spreadsheet that lists out all the items in each box. You can number each box and see what’s in each number by referring to the spreadsheet.

Arrange to have services such as internet, gas, electricity & telephone hooked up ahead of time in your new place. These can sometimes take a while to get connected so it’s better to get onto them early for a smoother move in at the other end.

Notify relevant authorities, such as your bank, with your change address ahead of time – if you do this early before the move enters the more hectic stage it could save you a bit of stress. Also organise with your local post office to have your mail redirected – for mail from anyone you have forgotten to inform.

Make sure you have plenty sealable plastic bags, like sandwich bags for your screws etc if you have to dismantle any furniture prior to moving. And make sure they are all well labelled. You could tape these bags of screws to the item of furniture they belong to as well.

If you have any pets then it’s going to be an extra hassle having them around and it may be stressful for the animal too. So organise a pet sitter for moving day. Whether you have a friend that can do this for you or if you are using a paid service, you should organise this well in advance. This isn’t something you want to be running run trying to organise closer to moving day.

There are going to be some items that you will need straight away once the move is completed and you won’t want to have to search through the myriad of boxes to find it.

Some things you might want to include are:
-any medications
-bed linen & towels
-phone charger
-change of clothes
-toilet paper
-children’s bed time toys
-tea, coffee & kettle

And anything else you can think of that you’ll need.
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