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How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organised After Moving In

How to Keep Your Home Clean and Organised After Moving In

Moving house is a disruptive and messy process that not many people relish. The best part is when it's over! The feeling of being unpacked and everything put in the right place is so good. In fact, it's probably when your home will be it's most clean and tidy, every room is un-cluttered and looks perfect. A clean and uncluttered home impacts your life in a lot of ways, not just making your home beautiful but helping your stress levels at home. Coming home to an uncluttered and neat home helps you de-stress from the daily grind.

Men That Move make the moving process as stress-free as possible and help to move you as neatly as possible. And the good news is that is not as hard to keep your home as perfect as it is after unpacking as it might seem.

Start Small

Not everyone is naturally tidy and some, in fact, are naturally messy! It might seem difficult if you lean towards messy to institute a tidier lifestyle. So start with small changes that become easy habits over time. Don't’ wait until your home is really messy that it requires a weekend deep clean effort. Instead, start simple like not leaving dishes until the weekend. Wash straight after dinner and pop the dishwasher on every night and make time to empty after breakfast. Other simple changes that help keep your weekends free of hours of cleaning are putting away clean clothes before bedtime as part of your routine, and even laying out everyone's next day outfits at the same time (if you have kids).

Gradual changes implemented over time add up and soon your messy way makes way for a more organized and tidy way. You will be inspired and realize living in a clean and uncluttered home impacts your daily motivation and lifestyle habits

Front Door Habits

One of the reasons Men That Move is one of the best Sydney movers is people love our packing boxes. They help keep peoples packing and unpacking tidy, plastic boxes that are stackable making the moving process easy. Implement the same storage idea at your front door to stop mess walking in. It's so easy just to dump bags and kick off shoes as soon as you walk in the front door, but this makes for a messy house and clutter.

Shoe stacking shelves or boxes are inexpensive and help to organize. If you have a good size laundry or a cupboard under your stairs, designate these spaces for shoe and bag shelving. Or invest in hallway furniture designed with this function in mind.

Keep Clutter at Bay

Don’t let clutter rule your life, it's a common modern-day issue for a lot of people. If you have kids, the number of toys and junk that make their way into your home can be overwhelming. Plus clutter interferes with keeping your home organized and makes it feel closed and stuffy. We recommend as part of our moving tips to always de-clutter before you pack up so if you have just moved to keep the focus on this strategy.

If you have kids when they get a new toy or book ask them to select a toy or book to give away. Aim to make it an easy choice like a toy that they have grown out of, not one you know will be a fight to agree too. For adults, if you buy a new jumper get rid of an old one, and so on. And every spring embrace the ‘Spring clean’ motto. The rule you should follow is that if you haven't worn it or used it in 12 months then you do not need it.

Morning Routines

Studies often show that successful people have well organized morning routines. We are not going to say you need to get up at dawn and make to-do lists, but making an effort to have a morning routine helps your stress levels and start the day off right.

Simple steps are to make your bed before you leave the room for breakfast and doing a quick 5 minute clean in your bedroom. If you do not have clothes hamper in your room make sure to get one, they are inexpensive and keep your bedroom floors clean. If you can open your window a bit to let in fresh air for the day, it will help you sleep better. When you go to bed at night you will thank yourself for your morning routine, as sleep and relaxation will come easy.

Deep Cleaning

Dust and grime build up over time and impacts air quality and allergies. Everything from rugs, pillowcases and carpets collect dirt and pollutants. Washing and deep cleaning need to happen on a regular basis. Wash couch cushion pillowcases with your bedding to keep these clean. And air out your rug every couple of months. Professional cleaning of your carpets and curtains should happen every year or two.

Clean as you go

This is the most simple of tips but sometimes the hardest to keep up. It's easy to walk past a pile of junk mail or clothes pile and say you will do it tomorrow. But this is when clutter and mess start to build up and tidy habits become harder to keep. Every time you pass by a cluttered or untidy area of your home deal with it immediately. It saves you time and keeps the mess from getting on top of you. Yes, it can be a pain but hopefully, if you keep up your tidy habits over time mess will not build up and you will be cleaning less!

Keeping your home as neat and tidy as when you first move in isn't as hard as you first think. Adopting simple habits and starting off small will impact not just your home but your lifestyle, keeping both organized and uncluttered. Our Men That Move team will start you off the right way on this uncluttered lifestyle with our smart moving system.



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