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Sydney Brisbane Removalists moving services get you where you need to be! Specialising in Interstate moving between Sydney and Brisbane, Sydney Brisbane Removalists offer daily interstate moves at great low prices. At Men That Move we can work with any special needs whether it be an urgent move date or moving a very large home. We move anyone from studio apartments to 5+ bedroom homes, no move is too big or too small. All of our prices are fixed and quoted to you upfront. We know this is what people want most – affordable Sydney Brisbane removalists that move interstate and know the cost straight away. We have moving calculators that you can complete online and our booking team can also give you prices over the phone.

High Quality Moving Services at an Affordable Cost

We have been in the moving business for many years and know how to keep costs low and still meet the high standards we set ourselves.

  • Our Fleet of Trucks is well-maintained and fuel-efficient

  • Affordable Moving Prices that are quoted upfront – No hidden fees or charges

  • Online Moving Calculator – know your costs

We make interstate moving easy

  • Simple, cost effective pricing with a great service
  • Honest, hardworking reliable movers
  • Next Day Delivery between Sydney and Brisbane
  • Free Eco friendly plastic moving boxes
  • Packing and Unpacking services available


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Sydney Brisbane removalists have been moving clients around Australia for years. Check out some of our local reviews from happy removal clients below. If you’re moving between Sydney and Brisbane or Brisbane and Sydney we can help. We also service ACT (Canberra), Wollongong and Newcastle. Contact us for a free interstate removalist quote.



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Top 10 Tips for Organising your Interstate Move


So you’re making the plunge and moving house interstate. But suddenly you realise the daunting task that you have ahead of you. There is always more to do in a house move than you think when you start. This list of 10 tips for organising your house move should help to make for a smoother less stressful experience.

1. Book your Mover Well Ahead of Time

The earliest you can book your removalists the better. Knowing you have the mover locked in goes a long way to your moving organisation. We do find due to our popularity that we can book out in advance. We recommend booking as soon as you know your move date.

2. Check-lists and Check-offs

Whether you are a check-list fan or not, your move will go smoother if you follow a check-list. Leaving things to the last minute will only place extra stress on the move but also contribute to mistakes or items being left behind. Check-lists should be made for time-frames; 4 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week, two days before and the moving day. Follow these check-lists and you will go a long way to make the move so much easier. The earlier lists should be packing up items and room not used daily, and also making sure you have all the moving supplies you need. As you get closer to the date then move on to more daily use room and items. Checking off your lists will feel great and help ease any stress you may be feeling.

3. De-Clutter and Spring Clean

Moving is a great time to de-clutter and give away or throw out items taking up space. This is a chore that should be completed prior to your 4 week check-list. A great rule to follow is if the item has not been used in over a year – get rid of it. Obviously this is not in relation to sentimental items. These days we tend to collect so much ‘stuff’. Make your move a fresh start with no useless junk.
Some great ways to get rid of your junk are; a garage sale (what’s useless to you may be useful to another), selling the items on sites such as Gumtree or Ebay, or donating to charity groups or local op shops. If its not an item that is worth passing on then bin or recycle it. Many councils collect kerbside or you can go to your local tip.
Spring cleaning your items as you pack them is a fantastic way to help you new home feel fresh. Polish your silverware and pack it, de-scale your kettle and pack it, pack your linen after washing and place a lavender bag or similar in the box. Whatever the item, freshen it up and clean it, and you will thank yourself as you unpack.

4. Label Everything

Our team knows the tips and tricks for making a move easy. One thing we always advise our clients is to label. Whilst you may think it a time consuming chore, in the end it speeds up your unpacking process by a long way. Label what room each box needs to go in and make a list or summary of the items inside. This way you will unpack the more necessary items over the hardly used items. For instance you wont need your books or paperwork on the first night, but you will need bed linen and cutlery.

5. Redirect Your Mail

Make sure you speak with your utility and banks ahead of time with the new address and move date. Your mail with personal details is not a good thing to be left behind. The companies will be able out the date in their system ahead of time, so you do not have to wait until after the fact. Also redirect your mail for 3 months after you move.

6. Eat Everything in your House

One of the easiest tasks to take care of! Make a week in which all food is only to be eaten from your pantry and freezer. That means no shopping until the house is eaten bare. And then only shop for the bare essentials to keep you going until the move day. Feed you kids party pies from the freezer for dinner on the weekend or make a recipe only from the items in you cupboard. You never know what culinary delights may be hiding in the back of your pantry.

7. Send your Pets on a Holiday

Sadly we have not seen any pets yet that can be trained to pack boxes or help move them. Make your life easier and book your pets in with family or a kennel for the day or if possible the days before you move as well.

8. Power your New Home

Check your new home for what needs to be connected. The usual players will be on the list such as; gas, electricity and water. But these days not everyone gets a home phone line connected and you may have NBN or cable for internet connections. If you have cable TV, book in with Foxtel for moving and connection. They do book out in advance and you may end up having to avoid the world so as not to be spoiled on the latest person to die in ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Games of Thrones’!

9. Don’t Lose Your Bits and Bobs

It’s unbelievable how many screws you will find when dismantling furniture. Keep them taped in a plastic bag to the furniture piece they belong to. Another great tip to help when putting this stuff back together is to take photo’s during the dismantling, and refer to these. Think of them like the steps found in instructions. Except they will be much easier to understand!

10. Put Together a Moving Kit

There will always be stuff you need on the day of your move that can’t or shouldn’t be packed away. A small first aid kit – especially if you have kids. A moving bag for each kid, colouring books, favourite teddy and ipads with games. And have a bag with paper plates etc for your first dinner in the new place. Home delivery is always the easiest option and if it needs to be dished up. You do not want to be searching boxes for fork and plates.
Hopefully these tips will help to make moving day a less stressful and smoother process.
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