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Affordable Piano Removalists in Sydney

At Men That Move we are very experienced in safely relocating pianos. We take great care when moving pianos and follow very careful procedures. Our affordable piano removal service is available across numerous locations. Our high quality piano moving service is completed by experienced piano removalists. Our moving vehicles are fully equipped to safely store pianos during transit. We use only specialist’s equipment when securing pianos to ensure no damage occurs in transit.
Piano Moving Prices

We provide prices that will suit your budget. Cheap piano removal may end up costly and traumatic if it results in a broken piano. We make our price affordable and have expert removalists. Special piano moving equipment includes trolleys and secure vans. We don’t charge exorbitant prices and take into account your specific move requirements to give you a tailored quote Let us know the move locations, any stairs and the piano size. All of these details will help us to give you an up front and all-inclusive price. With us you will avoid hidden charges and have no surprises.

Peace of Mind with safe and secure removal of your piano

Specialists removalists that have experience in piano removals

Affordable and tailored quotes

No hidden charges

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Reliable and Insured

Speak to us today and we can provide a price to move your piano. We cover all areas and have experience with moving all types of pianos. Whether it’s a baby grand or upright piano we have it covered. At Men That Move we understand how precious and important your piano is and we treat every move with great care. No shortcuts will be taken and we make sure to take every precaution to keep your piano safe in transit.

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Moving and Packing Tips

Moving is all about packing. Make it an easier process by using our eco-friendly plastic boxes. The boxes are stackable with flip lids. This means you can pack items in advance and neatly store them in your home. Preparation is the key to a successful move. Don’t leave everything to the last minute. It will only serve to make the whole experience extremely stressful. Follow these tips to help make the move easy.

    • Pack items not used daily in advance
    • Label every box with room and summary of contents
    • Do not overload boxes
    • Use bubble wrap and linen for fragile items
    • Wrap any easily scratched items
    • Pot plant bases should be wrapped in plastic
    • Pack any fragile items such as paintings, mirrors and glassware in bubble wrap and cardboard
    • Use a packing service if you can’t manage it all by yourself.


Thinking ahead well before the move date will help you on the day. Have a move pack ready, with scissors, labels, permanent markers and tape. Write a list of contents for each room; don’t list each small item if they can be grouped into a category. Pack your own bag with valuable jewellery items and move this in your own car on the day.
A great tip to try and follow is to start spring cleaning your house in the weeks before the move. Cleaning out items you don’t need any more and tidying each room will not only make the packing easier but the unpacking much quicker.

Moving to a new community

Acclimatising to your new area can take some time and adjustment. Navigating your way around at first may feel a bit disorientating. It may take a little time before you feel truly comfortable in your new community, but it will happen. For any children involved in the move, they may require particular attention in aspects such as school, local sports, local parks and forming new friendships.

Men that Move suggest following these handy hints for a smoother adjustment;

  • Keep up your normal routine. Especially if children are involved. Continue as normal for bedtime routines, morning routines etc. This will help keep some familiar normality in the new home.
  • Look for your hobbies and interests in the area. For instance the local footy team, local netball team or Mothers group. Getting to know new people can be made easier if they have similar interests to you.
  • For children the above point is also applied. Joining them up to the local sports or scouts group will help them to make a wider circle of new friends. And help to build upon new school friends. Of course if your child has never had an interest in basketball, don’t sign them up now!
  • Look for a business network group in the area that has your interests. This can help with your business or work, but often friends are made in these network groups.
  • Volunteer in your new community. This is one of the best ways to make new friendships and make a positive difference to your new community.
  • Contact your local council and discover the local community groups. It may be hobby groups, support groups or education classes. This is a great way to meet new people.

Discover and Explore Your New Surroundings

There are so many ways to explore your new area. Take your dog for a walk to the local dog park. Go Geo-caching and find hidden treasures, walk to the local parks or walk to the local shops. If walking isn’t an option, all of these can be done by driving as well. Just getting yourself and family out and about will help to familiarise the new sights and sounds of the neighbourhood.

One of the first steps that may feel a little daunting if you are shy is often right next door. Knock on your neighbours doors and introduce yourself. You have an easy opening and introduction opportunity. The best advice though is don’t leave this too late. Your neighbours will be aware you have recently moved in and probably on the lookout to introduce themselves also. It may be a bit awkward if you knock on their door 2 months after you have moved in. Maybe they won’t end up being close friends or even close to being friends. But at least you have taken a step in getting to know your neighbourhood, even if it is just one knock next door.

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