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Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Do you need Moving Boxes in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane? Men That Move offers a range of solid plastic moving boxes that have been designed to be reused. They come in distinctive sizes and are stackable, hygienic and can be secured safely for travel.

You decide on the quantity you would like, and the length of time you require them for – Men that Move will deliver to your present address and then collect them from you at your destination address.

Whether you hire our removal service or simply “do it yourself” – Eco-Boxes from Men That Move is the smarter approach to spare yourself time, money and the stress that comes with moving either a home or a business.

Men That Move offer pre-determined box bundles/packages which include the most commonly used Eco-box sizes, and numbers, based on frequent requests by our current private and business customers. These box packages additionally incorporate a supply of marker pens for easy labeling.

In the event that more boxes for moving are required before your move day, simply tell us and we will be happy to arrange additional deliveries (terms and conditions apply). If you are required to hire your moving boxes for longer than anticipated, this can also be arranged at a competitive price.

Large Moving Box

We recommend you use a mixture of Large and Xlarge boxes for your moving needs, Our Large boxes are ideal for smaller heavier items such as crockery, books or gym weights etc. Minimum order 30 boxes.

Easy to use, strong, lightweight and eco-friendly.

Easily stackable for safe transport.

Dimensions: L600mm x W400mm x H335mm

Volume: 50L

Capacity: 30kg

Suited for small, light or heavy items such as books, toys, kitchen cutlery, DVD’s, etc.

Extra Large Moving Box

Our Xlarge boxes are ideal for lighter larger items, such as clothing, bedding or children’s toys etc.

Minimum order 25 boxes.

Easy to use, strong, lightweight and eco-friendly.

Easily stackable for safe transport.

Dimensions: L680mm x W430mm x H330mm

Volume: 73L

Capacity 35kg

Suitable for larger items such as computers, files, electrical equipment, etc.

Why Use Our Plastic Boxes instead of Cardboard Boxes for Moving?

Our green plastic boxes are environmentally friendly.

Green plastic boxes are strong, durable easy to stack and can be used numerous times.

The lid simple closes shut, no need for tape or building boxes!

Our boxes are plastic, so wet weather isn’t a problem on moving day.

Plastic boxes are easy to trolley and stack neatly making your moving process faster.

The strength of our Green plastic boxes keep your items more secure during the moving process.

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