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25m3 Truck

$180 per hour, 2 guys and a 25m truck


  • 3hr Minimum for this service, $540 minimum charge.
  • Ideal for small moves – partial moves, studios or 1 bedroom apartments
  • Travel charges will only apply for addresses more than 25km from the Sydney CBD
  • Free rental of 30 moving boxes for up to 14 days, save $119!
25m3 Truck

$180 per hour, 2 guys and a 25m3 truck

This is one of our most popular services. With a 3hr minimum, this service is intended for small moves and a smaller truck size is preferred for inner city locations.

  • 3hr minimum, $540 minimum charge. After 3hrs, the job is charged in 30minute increments. All prices include GST
  • Toll charges will be passed onto the customer if you would like to use tollroads during the move
  • $250 deposit is required to book this service, the balance is payable at the end of the move via credit card or cash
  • These rates are for moves within Sydney only, to move to/from Sydney to regional areas or Canberra, please email our office to get a quote
  • 2 start times available for jobs Monday to Friday: 7 to 8am or an arrival between 10am and 2pm each day
  • Includes the free rental of 30 moving boxes for up to 14 days, valued at $119!
  • Free delivery and collection of boxes within 25km for the Sydney CBD, charges may apply for addresses outside this area
  • Packing materials available to purchase as part of your box order

When should you book this service?

This service is great for

  • Moving to or from a shared residence
  • Studios or small 1 bedroom apartments
  • A partial move where only some items of furniture and/or belongings are being moved
  • Moves within the same apartment complex

Not sure what size truck you need?

Click here to use our moving calculator for further assistance estimating the truck size suitable for your move. This calculator uses industry best practice to assist with providing a guide for how many cubic metres your inventory will be. It is not an exhaustive list of items within the home and the results are an estimate only. The results should be treated as a guide only.

If you are moving to or from a larger residence, a 3 man service or service with a larger truck may be more suitable. The 2 man service is intended for jobs lasting 3 to 5 hours with only 1 trip required. Balcony lifts can not be completed with this service.

Please note that a residence with difficult access may result in the move taking longer than expected. This includes moves with multiple flights of stairs, steep inclines, truck parking more than 25m from door, or shared lift access. The team will work hard to get the move completed as quickly as possible but extra steps or waiting for lifts results in extra time. If your move has any of these factors, you can consider 3 men and a 25m truck service to get the job done quicker.

2 guys with a 25m truck for 6 hours or more

If your move has multiple trips (ie. 2 residences moving into one location) or you just want the cheapest hourly rate for your move, you can book 2 guys and a 25m3 truck with a 6 hour minimum, $180 per hour. This is for jobs starting by 8am only. Email our office today to find out more about this option.

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