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Terms and Conditions.

Hi, thank you for contacting Men that Move for a quotation for your upcoming move, we hope that you found your experience with us to be satisfactory so far and we look forward to helping you relocate.

Please see below for the important terms and conditions relating to your quotation:

Please find below the terms and conditions of the services provided by Men That Move for local, regional and interstate removalist services, as well as moving box rental. Please contact us via info@menthatmove.com if you wish to discuss the below in regards to your upcoming or booked service.


By booking with Men That Move either via the online booking process or approving an email quote, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Prices and Booking Process

  • Any prices for hourly or interstate removals services listed on menthatmove.com are applicable to locations less than 25km from Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Melbourne central business district (CBD), additional charges will apply if one or more locations in a move are located further than 25km from the respective CBD. Any additional travel charges will be confirmed with the customer prior to the move commencing.
  • All prices include GST
  • Advertised prices do not include toll charges. If toll roads are used on the day, these costs will be calculated for a heavy vehicle and added to the balance of the move
  • All services are subject to availability
  • All questions and enquiries relating to move services, including requests for quotations, must be submitted via email to info@menthatmove.com
  • All bookings for local moves in Sydney and Melbourne are to be made via menthatmove.com, no bookings will be accepted over the phone
  • For regional, interstate or local moves within Brisbane, all bookings will be finalised via email using info@menthatmove.com


Deposits and Payments

  • All bookings require deposits, this amount will be specified for each service as part of the booking process or quote. A booking is only secure once the nominated deposit amount has been received, this deposit is to be paid via credit card as part of the booking process
  • Moving timeslots will not be ‘held’, a booking will not be considered to be in place unless a deposit has been received and confirmed by Men that Move
  • Any deposits paid will be deducted from the final balance owing at the end of the move.
  • All interstate moves must be paid in full as part of the booking process. No dates or services will be reserved until this payment has been received
  • For local or regional moves, Men That Move requires payment in full at the end of the move before the team leave site. Payment can be made via Mastercard, Visa or cash
  • Men that Move do not guarantee that they will be able to offer any change for cash payments
  • The customer or their nominated representative must be available at the end of the move to provide a confirmation the move has been completed and confirm the details for final payment


Changes and cancellations

  • The customer must provide written notice prior to the booked service date of any changes to the service details provided within the booking. This includes (but is not limited to) changes to the pick up or delivery addresses, any additional addresses to be included, loading dock bookings, height restrictions or items to be included in the inventory for moving day. Any and all changes are subject to availability
  • If a customer wishes to reschedule a booking to an alternate date – a minimum of 7 days’ notice, via email, must be received by Men that Move. We will then work with you to advise options and reschedule accordingly. Any rescheduling or changes are subject to availability only
  • If less than 7 days’ written notice is provided, the deposit paid will be retained in full by Men that Move. A new booking for the service would be required to be made either via menthatmove.com or via email (email only available for regional/interstate moves or moves within Brisbane)
  • In the event of a booking being cancelled by a customer - a minimum of 7 days’ written notice must be received by Men that Move in order to cancel the booking and refund the deposit. Deposits will be refunded back to the credit card used, 1 to 3 business days should be allowed for this refund to be processed. For any cancellations with less than 7 days notice, Men That Move will retain the deposit paid for the service
  • If a customer cancels their local move (Sydney only) but wishes to use the moving (ECO) boxes, the advertised retail rates for the moving box rental will apply


During the move

  • The customer or their nominated representative must be onsite for the duration of the move to provide direction as required and will be required to confirm that the move has been completed at the time of final payment
  • Men That Move commits to providing the staffing and cubic meterage advertised within each service, however, reserves the right to provide multiple trucks instead of a single vehicle if required
  • All Men That Move vehicles require legal parking at uplift and delivery addresses and will park in the nearest available location. No special dispensation is provided to removalist vehicles and parking fines from the relevant council will apply. If the customer wishes for the vehicle to park illegally (ie no stopping or loading zone or double parked), the customer is responsible for the costs of any parking fine received, either on the day or at a later date
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the Men That Move office of any damages to personal belongings or property or service issues during the move via 0422 873 415 or 1800 438 668. We are committed to resolving issues with customers but have limited ability to resolve issues after the move has been completed
  • Men That Move can not guarantee a balcony lift can be undertaken fora move as the viability of this process is dependent on the location and the items involved. A minimum of 3 Men That Move team members is required for any balcony lifts to be considered. Men That Move reserves the right to not perform a balcony lift if the safety of the team members may be at risk or if there is a risk of property damage
  • Men That Move will endeavour where possible to complete the move with the service that the customer has booked, however, can not guarantee that multiple trips can be done if the volume of the move is greater than the service booked. Multiple trips are subject to availability of the service on the day, and are at the discretion of the Men That Move team
  • Men That Move will not move any item weighing more than 75 kilograms, pianos, pool tables, vehicles or motorcycles, large sporting or recreational equipment (kayaks, constructed trampolines etc), oversized furniture, large glass pieces (greater than 1m in diameter), large paintings, canvas prints or mirrors, large marble or concrete statues/installations, large concrete or marble furniture (including tabletops), large potted plants, jukeboxes or arcade machines, industrial equipment, medical equipment, safes, diesel or petrol cannisters, any items marked Dangerous Goods, gas cylinders, weapons, illegal materials or live animals


Moving Box  (ECO) Rental

  • Moving (ECO) boxes are only available for rental within the Sydney metro area
  • Customers who use Men That Move removalist services are eligible for up to 14 days free rental of the moving box pack for the specific service that they have booked. Rental fees may apply for additional boxes
  • A completed booking with a deposit paid must be in place before the free moving boxes can be booked
  • If the move booking is cancelled after the boxes have been delivered, the retail rental for the specific box pack will be charged
  • The moving box pack includes a specified number of re-usable moving boxes and 1 delivery and 1 collection within 25km of the Sydney CBD
  • If one or more locations in a move are located further than 25km from Sydney CBD, additional charges will be applied for the delivery and/or collection of the boxes from that location. Men That Move reserves the right not to provide delivery and/or collection services to select addresses more than 25km from the Sydney CBD
  • Boxes are available for use beyond 14 days, but additional rental charges will apply on a weekly basis
  • All packing materials are subject to charge. These charges are advertised online at menthatmove.com and will be applied to the order at the time of submission
  • The delivery driver will not be able to take payment. Any outstanding balance for packing materials, extra boxes or additional rental needs to be paid prior to delivery. Men That Move reserves the right to not deliver any items that are not paid in full by COB the day prior to delivery

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