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Our common sense approach to moving costs


You Will Generally Get The Removal Service You Pay For.

With many purchases in life these days a balance between cost and service is normally the compromise to be reached. While there will always be cheaper and more expensive options, at the end of the day you normally will make a decision as to what represents the best value and most closely suits your requirements.

Choosing a removalist is no different. As the furniture removal market is generally unregulated there will be some excellent operators out there right along with the cowboy type outfits. How then do you find a suitable removalist given this reality?

We have been in business since 29th December, 2006 and since then have learnt alot about our customers, their expectations and why they chose us.

Punctuality And Presentation.

The first thing to look for is the presentation of your removalist on their website (if they have one at all). You should be able to get a feel for how the company operates by the way they have put their website together. This website has been developed through years of customer experience, is simple in layout and strives to answer the main questions you may have relating to your furniture removal before you even call us.

If you take the next step and call us we will 99% of the time answer your call straight away and if not we will get back to you asap as a matter of urgency. Many of our customers thank us for our quick response whether via email or telephone. Our punctuality is displayed to you right from the start of your enquiry.

How Much Your Removal Will Cost Depends On Both Of Us.

Men That Move then finds the next most common question to be “how long will my removal take” or “how much do you think my furniture removal will cost“. This is where we use our experience to provide guidance. The factors affecting time (and therefore cost) are numerable and vary from move to move. Having said that, there are some factors affecting removal cost that are common to almost every furniture removal we undertake.

One that is generally almost always in the customers control is – “how packed up and ready to go you are on moving day”. Our customers that have commenced their pre-packing (probably the hardest part of moving) well in advance of moving day where we arrive to find most everything boxed up, wrapped, stacked and ready to be moved have a clear advantage. Of course, Men That Move can do this for you. We have a professional pre-packing service that will definitely save time and the associated headaches involved with this process. Last minute packing and boxing always adds significant time to any furniture removal.

On any removal in the inner suburbs of Sydney, things like parking and building access are almost always issues. We generally recommend that if you can reserve a suitable space for us before we are due to arrive on moving day this will save time right from the start. The benefit of being able to park very close to the access point at each destination cannot be underestimated. Building access can improve time too. For example, if there is a lift that we need to use in your building, can we get pre-permission from the building manager to get the lift locked off for exclusive use during the furniture removal?

Simple things like putting everything into boxes and not leaving individual items unpacked will save time loading and unloading. This sounds obvious but you would be surprised at how many of our customers have packed some of their move and left the rest without boxes. This takes us more time because we then have to pack the truck more intensively (blanket, wrap and stack things) whereas if the items were in boxes this would not be required.

The above guidelines are by no means exhaustive but will definitely save time and money in the removal process. To book a Sydney removalist now, please call 1800438668.

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