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25m3 Truck

$340Hr 4 Guys and 50m3 Truck


  • 6hr minimum for service, $2040 minimum charge
  • Suitable for large 3 bedroom or 4 Bedroom Residences
  • Travel charges will only apply for addresses more than 25km from Sydney CBD
  • Free rental of 90 moving boxes for up to 14 days, value of $329!

A great option for moving large 3 bedroom+ or 4 bedroom residences. For moves within the metro area, 2 smaller trucks equalling 50m3 will be provided to ensure the best access for parking.

  • 6 hour minimum for this service, $2040 minimum charge. After 6 hours, the service is charged in 30 minute increments. All prices include GST.
  • Toll charges will be passed onto the customer if you would like to use tollroads during the move
  • $450 deposit required to book this service, the balance is payable via cash or credit card at the end of the job
  • These rates are for moves within Sydney only, to move to/from Sydney to regional areas or Canberra, please email our office to get a quote
  • This service is only available for a start by 8am on moving day
  • Suitable for 3+ or 4 Bedroom Residences
  • Free rental of 90 moving boxes for up to 14 days, value of $329!
  • Free delivery and collection of boxes within 25km for the Sydney CBD, charges may apply for addresses outside this area
  • Packing materials available to purchase as part of your box order

When should you book this service?

This service is a great option for moving the family home. It’s recommended for large 3 bedroom residences (ie. 3 bedroom residence plus an office, storage cage, outdoor furniture/toys or lots of pot plants) or a standard 4 bedroom residence. In Sydney, it is most likely that we will supply 2 x 25m3 trucks and 4 guys as this is generally more suitable parking and property access.

If you have a large 4 bedroom residence that includes multiple living spaces, an office, garage or shed, outdoor furniture or a large amount of potplants, please be aware that all belongings may not fit in a single trip. If there is significant travel time involved in your move, you may wish to consider booking the larger service which is 6 men and a 75 m3 truck.

Not sure what size truck you need?

Click here to use our moving calculator for further assistance estimating the truck size suitable for your move. This calculator uses industry best practice to assist with providing a guide for how many cubic metres your inventory will be. It is not an exhaustive list of items within the home and the results are an estimate only. The results should be treated as a guide only.

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