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Make Moving Interstate Make it Easy and Stress Free With Men That Move

Make Moving Interstate Make it Easy and Stress Free With Men That Move

Planning to move interstate? From Melbourne to Sydney or Sydney to Brisbane or Melbourne to Brisbane or Gold Coast? According to the 2016 census up to half up of the Australian population moved house in the last 5 years. And the age group that moves the most is people aged 20-29, in which ? move house every 12 months and the other ? moves house every 5 years.

Moving interstate accounts for a lot of these stats. The most popular state to move to was Queensland, with almost 80,000 Australians moving interstate to the sunshine state in the year before the census. Victoria was another popular state to attract new residents with almost 70,000 people moving to Victoria. And then NSW gained close to 75,000 Australian residents moving interstate to NSW.

Men That Move provide interstate removalist services with our fleet of moving trucks located across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Wollongong. We move people interstate several times a week and pride ourselves on making the move as stress free as possible for our clients. As part of our interstate removalist services we provide our popular eco-friendly plastic moving boxes - Free of charge. Our boxes are one of the reasons we remain a top interstate removalist. Sturdy - made from strong plastic, stackable - fitted lids for stacking and ease of use, and eco-friendly - we reuse them, our movers drop them off and collect them free of charge!

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Moving Interstate Checklist

Planning an interstate move can be daunting, especially if you don't know where to start. Who is the best interstate removalist? And how much does it cost to book an interstate removalist? Apart from the logistics of hiring removalists, packing boxes and planning dates there are all of the little things like changing postal addresses, closing gas, electricity and water services and so much more. Moving interstate doesn’t have to be stressful, with a little organization and planning it will make the process smoother. Creating a checklist can make everything easy and save a lot of time. With a checklist, you can prioritize the most important things and make sure that you don't miss anything.

Here is what you need to know about moving interstate.

What you Need to do Ahead of Time

You can make your move less stressful by being more organized. Before the time comes, there are many tasks you can do to keep things in order. Below is a list of tasks you should do ahead of time.

Go through the user manual of your appliances like washing machine, fridge, and microwave to find out how to uninstall and pack them when moving out.

Select all unwanted furniture and other stuff that you might not need and dispose of, sell, or donate. If you have kids, you can book a babysitting service or family to take care of them while packing and preparing to move. If you have a dog, book a boarding service if it makes it easier on the day before the move And then collect them on the way. Undo any fittings or built-in fixtures you plan to move out with you. Take apart any furniture that can be disassembled, like display cabinets and computer desks.Don’t leave this until the day before

Start Packing your Old Place Now

it's time to start organizing how you will pack. Write down a personal checklist that will help you track everything. If you live in a rented home, you may need to reach out to professional cleaners to clean your property. Or start a cleaning plan/schedule yourself for a deep clean leading up to the date. And you can book a carpet steam cleaner vacuum or company for when the home is fully vacated. What packing supplies do you need? Our Plastic moving boxes - no need for tape or cardboard! Labels to mark all items properly Bubble wraps to hold delicate items

What Should You Do 6-8 Weeks Before the Moving Day?

After deciding to move interstate, the next step is planning what you will move with and what you can leave behind - either donating or selling. It's also time to call a removalist. Men That Move are professional interstate removalists and we move people across Australia weekly. Reach out to our removalist booking team and get an accurate quote of the moving costs. Below are other things you need to add to your moving checklist. Find out more information about your new destinations like parks, hospitals, supermarkets, and schools. Check the car registration laws of the new state. This will help you stay away from trouble if you fail to register on time. Or whether you need CTP insurance in the new state. For example NSW does, Victoria includes it in the main registration (not a separate bill) If you will be having a lot of rubbish, book the services of a hard waste or skip bin collection. Choose if you will be doing the packing alone or will need help from an interstate removals company. Find out about the insurance options in the new state. If you will be using removalists services, finalize your moving date with them.

Planning for 1-2 weeks Before the Moving Day

You need to get really organized and on top of everything 1-2 weeks before the moving day. Start packing items that you rarely use. Consider taking apart furniture or items that you don't use often.

Start the cleaning process or book cleaners to start cleaning your home, especially if you plan to rent it or are a renter yourself. Plan so that you can connect your utilities to your new home the day you move in. And advise disconnect dates to current providers Organize so that you can redirect mail to the new address.

The Day Before

On this day, things can get overwhelming if you don't plan well. This is the time that everything should be ready to go. If you have packed all your items in boxes, ensure that each box is labeled so that the moving company can collect them. The final clean should happen. Dispose of all food left in the fridge and cupboards. If you have planned a moving company to transport your car, make sure that it is ready for them to collect. Keep all your documents and other valuables with you.

What Should You Do During the Moving Day?

Finally the day you have been preparing for is . The last thing you want is to leave something behind! Now you need to take the moving company through your place and give them instructions. Turn off all electrical switches and taps. Clean your house and organize it or get professionals to do it for you. Lock all the doors, including garage doors and windows, then carry the keys with you if you are moving from a personal home. Finally, confirm that you haven't left anything behind. If you are planning to move interstate, staying organized is the best way to make everything simple. All you need is a checklist to help you avoid missing anything out. And most importantly - book a good removalist like us at Men That Move. We move people from Canberra to Sydney. Sydney to Melbourne and all over Australia.


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