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Moving Over Christmas Holidays

Moving Over Christmas Holidays

Christmas is approaching, and everyone is in a hurry to plan for the holidays. Whereas some are preparing to bond, relax, or have fun with friends and family, others find the season convenient to move following a job transfer, home upgrade, or other personal reasons. It's often the busiest period for people booking removalists as settlement periods are over from homes bought in the property selling period of spring. You can imagine the hustle and bustle associated with moving over the Christmas holidays. If you are planning to move over the Christmas holidays and don’t want the experience to ruin any holiday cheer, we have prepared for you 8 excellent tips for moving over the Christmas holidays.


What Are The Best Tips For Moving Over Christmas Holidays?


Whether you are moving to a home next door or across the country, the following nine points are essential for a smooth move to your new home.

1. Book Your Removalist In Advance

Most people consider moving during the holiday season. This is especially true since the majority of people, if not all, are free and have longer days at home. As such, December and January are considered the busiest moving season. Plus the spring is the busiest auction and sale time of the year, so when Christmas rolls around most homes have reached the settlement time and people are moving in and moving out. It is, therefore, essential to plan well.

Book with us at Men That Move at the earliest time possible to avoid the holiday hurly-burly moving fuss. We are the best removalists in Sydney for convenience and reliability. But we have a huge team so can accommodate even last minute bookings.


2. Moving House Budget


Moving does cost money but it's worth the cost as it works out when you compare it to your time in packing, unpacking, hiring a truck, moving boxes and the time it will take you. The cost is even crazier when you are moving over the Christmas holidays since you will have to incur packing and travelling expenses. Just make it easier on yourself and budget for a removalist.

We have affordable removalist costs at Men That Move and we can work with your budget and requirements. It is crucial to assess your moving budget and make sure that you are within your budget. How do you evaluate your moving budget during the Christmas holidays? Easy. Avoid as much as possible buying the packing materials and the moving boxes. Only purchase if the need is critical. If you have used boxes, pack your belongings in them. You can also find other DIY packing methods that won’t cost you a cent.

Besides, consider hiring removalists who offer free rental services for packaging materials and boxes in Sydney. Like our free plastic moving boxes! Save effort, time and money! https://menthatmove.com/products/ecoboxes/


3. Donate, Sell Items That You No Longer Need

Do you have items that you no longer need in your home? Things that you find useless to move with to your new home? These are the items that are adding an unnecessary burden to your luggage. Consider donating them to a local charity and reduce the load. You can as well consider selling the items that you do not need. This is a sure way of raising more money that you can use to pay for the moving costs.


4. Keep Your Children Busy

As outlined earlier, moving can be a stressful event. Keeping your children away or busy will not only save the removalists their time but will also protect the kids from unforeseen accidents. On the moving date, consider dropping the kids off place for a play date. Pick them once the exercise is over. Or have them stay with family overnight.


5. Move Early In The Morning

The month of December is known for hot temperatures that rise to around 40 degrees celsius. Imagine moving at temperatures above 35 degrees celsius. Moving in the afternoon will be a stressful event for both you and the removalists. Therefore, it is crucial to plan your move early in the morning to beat the afternoon heat. Our removalists are professional and we can move you at any time of the day, so don’t stress if it's only possible during the afternoon. We will prepare well.


6. Avoid Moving During The Weekends

If you are planning on moving during the holidays, consider weekdays. Avoid as much as possible moving during the holiday weekends like Christmas weekend or New Years weekend. Since most moving companies remain closed. The few that are operational may charge you an extra amount since they have less staff. Also, confirm with your removalist if they will remain open during the public holiday if your relocation date falls on a public holiday. Most of them remain closed. The few that remain open will charge you an extra fee.


7. Start Packing in Advance

Once you have booked your removalist, start packing your luggage in advance. Start with rooms that can be packed without impacting on daily life. Like storage areas, guest bedrooms, stuff from your kitchen that isn't used daily like crockpots and ‘the good silverware’. Advance packing will help create space for moving boxes on the day or relocation, making work easier for both you and the removalists.


8. Separately Pack Your Christmas Goodies Gifts

Pack your holiday gifts and decorations separately s in the packing boxes and label the boxes. This is critical to ensure that the gifts and decors do not get lost. The moment you get to your new home, you will be able to identify the labelled boxes and unpack your treasures quickly. For kids and let's face it adults creating Christmas cheer in your new home is welcome!


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