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The 9 Best Packing Tips for Moving House

The 9 Best Packing Tips for Moving House

Are you moving house in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane (Men That Move Locations) and loathe the thought of having to pack up everything. It doesn’t require rocket science on how to pack your things but there is a science and art to it. Often, when you start packing, you discover how much stuff you actually own - this is the time you develop a “packing headache.” And the headache can last days as it will take days to organise and pack up ready for moving day. But you can avoid the dread packing blues without having to become Marie Kondo.

How much time does it take to move house?

People say time is money, and time gives you everything. Any time you are packing, you should give yourself plenty of time. If you leave it too late you will pack in a hurry and this is when you decide that the organisation can be done when you unpack. Don’t do this to yourself! You will thank yourself when it comes time to move into the new house. 4 - 6 weeks is the ideal time to get organized and pack. Time is key!

Consider decluttering

Ok so you don’t have to become Marie Kondo but the essence of her mantra ‘Does this spark joy’ is valuable for decluttering. Packing in readiness for a move offers you the perfect opportunity to perform a thorough clear-out. During packing, you will handle almost every item present in your house at that moment. It provides you with the ideal chance to avoid wasting time on things that will not add any value or ‘spark joy’ to your new home. Declutter one room at a time. Otherwise, it gets overwhelming. Declutter at the start of the 6-week moving time frame. The less you have the less to pack!

Organise your new home before you move-in

The term organise, is simple to pronounce, but when it comes to its application, that’s not a walk in the park. Organising for your new home whilst you pack up your old one is such a good idea. It gives you a fresh start with everything wrapped up in a nice bow. This means organising for things like how you want to store your belongings in the new home. For example, will you store items loose in your cupboard or in neat storage boxes? Buy the storage boxes now and pack them if you can so when you unpack it's just a matter of placing the already filled storage boxes into the cupboard. Spend time in your new home with measuring tape so you can record the dimensions of the cupboard space and buy the right sized storage boxes (don't forget you can hire eco-friendly moving boxes from Men That Move or get them *free when you book our removalsits services.

Classify and label moving boxes

Categorize your boxes and label them for easy moving. For example glass items in the fragile box, electronics in another. One of the best tips is to categorize and pack by room. It just makes the unpacking so much better. The unpacking you will thank the packing you! Labelling will help you know where you unpack each item. Classifying will help you not to misplace things. The labelling will also aid you in taking an inventory of the items you have.

Where to store moving boxes?

Okay so now your boxes and packed and labelled what do you do with them? Because if you are following our 9 best tips for moving house you still have some time before the big moving day. This is where our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes really play their part. Stackable with lids you can neatly store them out of the way.

Keep the Valuables Close

You do not want to pack your valuables into a moving box. And your valuables are more than just jewellery; legal documents like birth certificates, medications and your kids favourite teddy they can’t sleep without are all valuable. Keep these items close and in one bag or suitcase if possible. Keep it with you in the car when you move and always have one adult responsible for its whereabouts.

Have the Removalists on their toes

Have the removalists working hard as soon as they arrive in your driveway. They will usually move the heavy items first so don’t have them waiting for you to dismantle your bed after sleeping the night in it. Spend $10 at Kmart for a blow-up lilo and dismantle your bed a couple of days before moving day. Turn off your fridge and live take away for the last couple days. Basically, you are camping with your home as the tent!


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