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5 Reasons To Move From Your House To An Apartment

5 Reasons To Move From Your House To An Apartment

Moving into an Apartment?


Downsizing to an apartment from a house can have many benefits. And it's an option for many people; empty nesters, moving out of parental home, couples moving into together and singles wanting out of house-sharing. Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have so many beautiful apartments to choose from as well. You can move into a beachside apartment in Sydney, city riverside apartment in Brisbane and an Art Deco apartment in the inner-city Melbourne. 


Men That Move book removalists jobs every day moving people from homes into apartments and we can move you from Sydney to Melbourne or from Manly to Bronte. Read on to find out the best 5 reasons to move into an apartment. 

Lower Bills

An apartment or flat typically has a smaller footprint than a house which means lower energy bills. Heating and cooling a smaller space will obviously take less energy than a larger home. Savings on water bills also happen thanks to no yard to water or a much smaller yard space. If you are renting an apartment then some bills will be covered by the landlord and you will not have to pay some at all. 



Apartment buildings come with better security than homes simply by having your home inside the building. People have to buzz and be let into the main building entrance and this keeps out many potential burglars. Also if your apartment is on a higher level there is added security as it is much less likely anyone would break in through a window. Conversely being located in a building with neighbours means you always have someone close by to call on for help.


Larger apartment buildings may also have a reception and lots of buildings have CCTV cameras on the front entrance, foyer and in the elevators. 

Easier Maintenance


Moving into an apartment can also benefit you by making home maintenance easier and less expensive. A smaller footprint means less space to maintain and also a lot of apartment buildings have a maintenance levy or body corporate fees. This means if you are the owner you pay yearly fees for the upkeep of the building share the cost with the other owners. The benefit to this is no large upfront costs for any damage or upkeep. And if you are a renter you don’t pay any of this cost. Some larger apartment buildings may even have a maintenance person you can call to fix any issues. Even if this is an out of pocket cost you can trust this person to work in your home whilst you work and then come home to everything being fixed! And if renting simply call your landlord and ask them to fix it. 


Shorter Commutes

The main cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have most apartments in the city and inner-city suburbs. Relocating to an apartment typically means you are closer to the city and main business districts making for a shorter commute. Public transport is usually very close to apartments thanks to town-planning practices and means leaving the car at saving on petrol costs.  


Extra amenities

Apartment buildings can come with amazing recreation amenities. Large apartment buildings can offer amenities such as;


  • Gyms

  • Pools

  • Laundry 

  • Cinemas

  • Rooftop dining

  • Games room

  • Sauna

  • Lounge areas


In Melbourne, there is even a new apartment building being built that will have a running track around the outside of the entire building! 


How to Make The Move


You can DIY moving or better yet hire our removalists at Men That Move to make your life easier. We can even offer packing and unpacking services if you want. 


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