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7 Tips for First Time Renters Moving House

7 Tips for First Time Renters Moving House

Moving to your very first flat or share house from your family home is a big move. Usually, it’s moving for uni or work and simply taking the next step in life. Independence is an amazing experience but make sure you start off easy and simple, money and budgeting are going to be more important than ever. So apart from choosing Men That Move as the best removalist to save you time and money, also follow these tips for first-time renters.

1. Make a Budget

Whether you are moving into a studio, one bed apartment or sharing with a roommate it is really important to set your rental budget. Ideally, rent should not be more than 30% of your income. Remember it’s not just rent to think about, budget for utility bills, weekly food shopping and travel. Always save some money into an emergency account for times when the heating bill is much larger than expected or you have car rego coming up, around 10% at minimum is good. So this is already nearly half of your budget gone on rent, bills and an emergency stash. Food shopping is another big spender, you will truly appreciate all your parents cooking and full pantries once you have moved out. 

Work out how much you need to spend on food to keep your budget in check and stick to it. In fact, that’s the most important part of a budget actually sticking to it!! And don’t deprive yourself a budget for eating out, socialising and shopping. Just make sure it doesn’t take up too much of your budget. Track your spending and reassess your budget every month, if you ever want to move to your own home you need to budget and start a savings account immediately. 

2. Move to the Right Area and Home


First-time renters need to think about their circumstances. Do you need to be close to public transport? What suburbs do you want to move to and can afford? Do you want to be walking distance to shops and restaurants? Make a list of ideal areas and then look up the rental prices to make sure it’s affordable. Do not be swayed to pay extra for a pretty apartment that doesn’t have what you need like its own laundry or outdoor space. Practicality needs to meet the aesthetic for the best outcome. 

3. Be Ready for Rental Applications

As a first time renter, it can be hard to secure the lease sometimes, you may be looked at less favourably than a person with a good rental history. So be ready to charm the real estate agent with more than you dazzling personality, have references from your work or show bank statements with savings. Have photocopies of all documents at the viewing so you can apply then and there. If you can offer to pay the bond and 3 months rent upfront - this is a good reason to start paying ‘rent’ whilst you are living at home into an account so you can be ahead of the pack. And don’t be discouraged, keep showing up. Alternatively, look for share house advertisements as you do not need to secure a lease with the agent and it gets you a rental history. 

4.Read the Rental Agreement in Detail

Rental agreements need to be scrutinised so you know the terms and how it can impact you. Look at end of lease terms and make sure you take photos of the property and any existing damage when you move in - plus have the real estate agent put in writing the existing damage so it doesn’t cost you later. Look at what is considered emergency repairs and what isn’t. Look at any clauses you do not think form part of a normal rental agreement and question them. Show the rental agreement to someone else that has some experience, even another renter. And ask the real estate agent any questions you have, remember there are laws and renters rights so look for help if you need it. 

5. Take Photos Before You Move in  

As mentioned in the previous moving house tip, take photos - of everything!  Go room by room and take a photograph of any exciting damage, even minor ones. Be it a small dent in the doorframe or paint scratch on a wall. Share the photographs with the real estate agent so they can be referred to when you move out and the landlord asks for any repair money or the agent disputes the bond for damage. Keep a file and label with each room, it's time-consuming but has to be done. It should be the very first thing you do before you even have the removalist is moving your belongings. An empty home will be further proof all the damage happened before you moved in. 


6. Book Removalists Don’t DIY

Budget for booking removalists - Men That Move are budget-friendly movers and we love to help first-time renters. We will save you time and stress, plus make sure all your belongings are moved safely. Have you ever tried to move a double bed up two flights of stairs? We do it nearly every day, don’t DIY moving house you still have to pay for your own moving truck and it doesn’t come with its own movers! Booking a removalist is probably cheaper than you think and it will definitely save you time plus stress!

7.Try not to get Scammed 

If it’s too good to be true then it is probably a scam. Be on the lookout for rental deals that seem like too much of a good deal. 

  • Is the rent much cheaper than other apartments?

  • Not able to view the home before signing the rental agreement.

  • Asking for a security deposit before signing the lease.

  • Asking for money to view the apartment, with a promise of renting it to you.

  • Asking for more than the advertised rent to get you the lease.


Any of these examples are usually an indicator of a scam and you should avoid at all costs.

A scam highlighted by consumer affairs is scammers advertising rental properties online (on the well-known rental sites). Then once you contact them they advise they are overseas and all transactions have to be online. They might say if they agree to no viewing as they are overseas and just want it rented you can have the lease. But once you pay the bond and rent upfront into their online account they disappear. The scam is sophisticated with fake rental agreements, title deeds and real addresses of homes. 

Not only will they have conned people out of money they ask for bank details, identity documents and credit cards then use this for identity theft. 

Men That Move

Being a first-time renter and trying to secure your apartment, make a moving budget, budget for living out of home and then moving away from your family home can be stressful. Don’t add to the stress by hiring the wrong removalist. We know what we are doing and have been moving people for years - we are the best movers for first-time renters and make the whole process simple and affordable. Simply contact us for a free quote.



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