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9 Tips for Storing and Moving Furniture

9 Tips for Storing and Moving Furniture

Men That Move have a storage warehouse in Sydney, Marrickville. Our moving house storage system is designed for those customers that have moved with us and do not require regular access to their goods.


How much does a Storage Unit Cost?

Men That Move offers cheap and secure long term and short term moving storage. The average cost for storage in Sydney is $150 per month for 7.5m3 unit or for a larger storage unit then $225 per month for 15m3 storage unit

Our storage rates are low cost simple and easy. We will measure exactly the amount of space your goods require, so you don’t have to pay for unused space! Our experienced team can also give accurate estimations on the space you may require before your move. We use a modular storage system that securely houses your goods in a designated area. Modular storage can be enlarged or reduced at any time to fit with your needs.


For customers needing storage in other states or larger/longer-term storage we have some information to help. 

Storing furniture means booking a removalist and making sure your furniture stays in good condition in storage. Keeping the furniture clean and safe is the number one priority. Most people understand that means using protective coverings over the furniture but that’s not the only thing needed to protect your furniture. Booking a good removalist like Men That Move means your furniture is treated carefully and stored safely. We book moving jobs for furniture storage a lot and have the 9 following tips to make your life easier.  


1 - Inventory


When people book a storage unit it is usually for at least a few months, sometimes a couple of years. And it can be easy when it comes to unpacking your unit to forget everything you’re packed. Making an inventory means you don’t need to rely on memory. Especially if you are also storing smaller items along with your larger furniture pieces. Sometimes a storage provider gives you an inventory to take but make your own as well. 


2 - Protect your Belongings


Whether it’s moving your furniture into ling term storage or short term storage they need to be protected during the move and in storage. You can get specifically made furniture protective coverings such as plastic for fabric furniture that protects it from mould by absorbing moisture. And coverings for leather and whitegoods should also be used. Ask your removalist if they sell these or the storage company.   


3 - Work Out What Type of Storage you Need


Do you need to store your stuff long term or short term? Long term storage often has better rates simply because you are committing to a longer period with the company. Short term storage will have higher rates and it pays to ring around for the best rate. Make sure you know the size of the unit you want as then you are not paying for unused space, 


4 - Packing your Storage Unit


Just as our experienced removalists pack the moving truck to move your items safely you need to plan your storage unit. Have heavy furniture and items at the bottom and fragile/light items at the top. It’s very important not to overfill your unit as this puts pressure on the items and causes damage. Men That Move have plastic eco-friendly boxes that are stackable and great to hire for storage units. They will stack on top of each other and save space whilst protecting the items inside. 


5 - Storing Whitegoods

Before you book your mover and storage unit make sure your whitegoods are clean and dry. When stored they should have the door taped slightly ajar to prevent odours developing. You can also use desiccant products and even paper towel to absorb excess moisture. 


6 - Clean Before Storage or Moving

To make sure your furniture is in the best condition and ready to use after storage clean it before moving. If its dirty during its time in storage it may develop mould. Make sure everything is dry before moving and storing as any damp or wet items also encourage mildew and mould to grow. If you are storing furniture with wood any moisture can warp the wood if it’s absorbed. 


7 -  Security

Storage companies should have available to customers what security they use to keep their items safe. Usual security features include constant CCTV surveillance, electronic entry like swipe cards and high fences around the facility. 


10 - Packing Help

Men That Move offer a packing service and we can help pack your stuff for storage. Simply calls us book in your moving date and we will organise the packing service. If you pack yourself remember to book the best removalists - Men That Move to make sure your furniture is moved safely to your storage unit. 

Please contact us for more information on how we can securely store your most valuable belongings today, 1800 438 668


Or visit our dedicated storage unit hire page. 


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