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How Long Does It Take To Move Houses in Sydney

How Long Does It Take To Move Houses in Sydney

Moving houses in Metro Sydney? Do you want to know the timeframe for the whole shebang from booking a Sydney removalist to unpacking the final box. Or do you want to know how long the day of your move will take? Well, let's answer both! Planning a move is not usually something people relish. It takes some planning and logistics. The first step is to book a removalist, so call Men That Move or contact us through our website. We can book your moving date and give you a timeframe on how many hours it will take to move. Plus or experienced movers can answer your questions and give advice.


For example one of the reasons we are recommended removalists is our plastic box system. Get rid of any notion of being up to your ears in cardboard and tape, we supply plastic moving boxes. They are dropped off to your door and collected when you have finished moving. The boxes have lids and are stackable to keep your home neat during packing. So the first step - Book Men That Move! Secure your moving date.


How Long Does It Take To Move House?


This will depend on factors like the size of your home or apartment, weather conditions on the day and how much stuff you have to move. So it's not a definitive answer but more a guide. If you are moving within the Sydney metro it's obviously a quicker timeframe than moving from Sydney to the Central Coast. 


To give you an idea, for a local move we recommend to allow around 3 hours for a small apartment and around 8 hours for a larger home. The type of issues that determine how long the day of the move takes are as follows;


1. How much furniture you have?

2. Size of furniture - does it require dismantling etc

3. How many boxes?

4. Stairs

5. Access to property

6. How organised are you?


Check our moving calculator for more info. 


How Long For the Whole Move?


So how long will it take from the first moment you decide to move? Let's look at the following timeframes. 


Prep 2 weeks 


Book your Sydney removalist and lock in your moving date. Now you have a date to work to and a definite deadline to have packed up. Book as soon as you know you are moving that way you can be guaranteed the date you want. For example you have a settlement date and must be out of your home and into the new one. Or a date your lease is up. We advise you to call us within 2 weeks of knowing you have to move. 


Packing 2 - 4 weeks


Overestimate the time you think it will take to pack. Because this is the longest step. Included in packing is cleaning, decluttering, getting rid of old stuff and the actual packing into boxes. Moving a one bed apartment is going to be quicker to pack than moving a 4 bedroom house. If you think you are going to need some extra time speak to our moving team and we can organise your boxes to be delivered earlier. 


Moving Day 2 - 8 hours


As we said earlier this is going to depend on the size of property, access, stairs, furniture etc. Make the day easier for yourself if you have small children or pets organise babysitting so they are not in the way. Then this timeframe is for moving within Sydney metro. Allow extra time for moving outside of Metro Sydney. Just give us the move address and we can give you a time estimate. 


Unpacking 1 - 2 weeks


You have made it to your new home and are now faced with unpacking. One tip is when you are packing your boxes stick a label on each box to say what room it belongs in. And on moving day each box is put in the right room. This makes unpacking a lot easier. 


Get Professionals


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