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Last Minute Moving

Last Minute Moving

Sydney Removalists at Short Notice

Do you need to book a removalist asap? Last-minute moving can be stressful enough without worrying about booking a Sydney removalist. Sometimes it’s a quick relocation move for a job or an interstate move to NSW for family reasons. Whatever the reason for your last-minute move, Men That Move can get you sorted. First up we know a quick move means you get less time to prepare and pack than normal. So to help we have put our (very experienced)  heads together and come up with a list of the best ways to make a quick move and a smooth move. 


Set a Date or Two

Okay time for a deep breath, moving even with plenty of time can be stressful. But last-minute moves make for the most worry. The first step is locking in your moving date. Do you need to move in 5 days, tomorrow within the month? Does it need to be a specific date or can you have a few dates ready to give our removalists for booking. We will try to accommodate your preferred date and usually can do but just in case for last-minute fast relocations have more than one date if possible. 


Book now

Upcoming move? For last minute removals including moving house, furniture removalists and business relocation.



Book the Moving Truck 

If you are moving fast work out if you or the furniture will get there first! Usually, we move your furniture and belongings in after you so make sure your dates align and you are not spending too many nights on the floor. We can advise you especially for interstate moves like NSW to Melbourne or Brisbane on how long it will take. That’s another reason we advise setting a date as number one on the list, we can work to those dates and make your move as stress-free as possible!

plastic moving boxes

Call Utilities and Insurance

Once you have dates locked in, call your electricity, gas and water companies to advise them of your move and arrange disconnection. You do not want to be paying for bills on two homes! Arrange connections for your new place and if you are really short for time it may be wise to select a contract with gas & electricity companies that does not lock you in. That way when you have the time you can shop around for deals and if you find a better price it’s easy to cancel and switch. Update car and home/contents insurance of the new address. Depending on your new address you may pay more or less. But remember to call as if you will not be covered unless you do. 


Packing Hacks

Men That Move have the best packing hack and our customers rave about it. We have free boxes but not just ordinary cardboard they are plastic moving boxes with lids that are stackable and eco-friendly! Not only does it make packing so much easier than messing around with cardboard and tape etc we drop them to your door and then collect them when you are unpacked. 

Pack one room at a time and label the boxes. Packing one room at a time keeps you from making the entire house a moving zone. And it makes unpacking more organised. Attach furniture pieces together, if you need to unscrew large items like bed frames or desks, have zip lock bags for screws and duct tape them to the furniture. 

removalists trollies

Last Minute Removalist

Men That Move can handle any moving emergency whether it’s a last-minute interstate move to Sydney for a new job or a local move. As a reliable and trusted Sydney removalist we even offer premium services like packing and unpacking if you want this extra service. 

We can move you last-minute to anywhere in Australia or a couple of suburbs away - simply give us the dates and we book you in. Follow out quick-moving hacks and tips to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We have a more in depth moving house checklist you can check out for more information.





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