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Moving over the Holidays ? Follow These Merry 5 Tips

Moving over the Holidays ? Follow These Merry 5 Tips

If you are moving home over Christmas and the New Year then the secret is preparation and planning. As long as you are prepared then the Merry times can keep on rolling. Follow these 5 tips to make sure your holiday move goes to plan. 

Book Movers Now

It’s actually quite a busy time of year for people to move houses in December and January. In Major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, Spring is the time people sell their homes and with 2-3 month settlements common it means everyone is moving out and booking removalists over Christmas. So book now and make sure your dates are locked in! But do not fret if you have left it late, our team will try to accommodate every removalist booking, but the sooner you call the more guarantee you get your date.  

If you are moving out of your old home and moving into your new home on the same day then it is really important to book your furniture removalists as soon as you know the settlement date. This way we can make sure our movers are there bright and early plus give you moving tips leading up to the date to make the whole moving process go smoother. And it makes sure you are not paying any late settlement fees if you do not move out on time!

Check Men That Move Booking Availibility Online

Move Early

Christmas movies may show snowy landscapes but down under its a different story to tell! Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are hot hot hot over Christmas with our Summer days commonly topping 40 degrees. Moving is much better early in the day than the afternoon heat. Be sure to start your day bright and early and keep your cool. It’s also good advice to not leave your holiday move packing for all in one go. Start packing at least 6 weeks beforehand, it may sound like a lot of time but 6 weeks to pack a house goes quickly. Pack your non-essential items well beforehand and everyday items in the last couple of weeks. 

Men That Move have eco-friendly plastic boxes that are stackable, so you can keep them stacked neatly and out of the way. Perfect for packing over a few weeks making your move much less stressful. 


Check Removalists Operating Hours

Some removalists will close over Christmas and New Years or have different operating hours to normal. Check removalists operating hours when you are getting quotes. If you have a settlement date between the 25th of December and the 1st of January it is very important to book asap as you may be limited in choice of removalists. Men That Move can move you on any day of the year, so if you haven’t booked us as your removalists - get cracking!

It may also be possible that your settlement date falls on a public holiday if this is the case then be sure to ask when comparing removalists costs if they charge extra or a holiday surcharge on public holidays. 

Get a Babysitter

Summer school holidays run over the Christmas period so children will be home from school. It’s a good idea to remove any undue stress on yourself or your children to get them out of the home on moving day. Just picture toddlers running through the legs of removalists whilst they carry out your dining table and you start to get the picture. It can not only be stressful but have the potential to be dangerous. Send them on a playdate, drop them off to a relative or pay a babysitter to take them to a movie or Playcentre. If there is no possible way to get you kids out of the home on moving day then maybe set them up in the backyard with a picnic and box of new toys. Give them a bell to ring for you so they do not go inside your home and get in the way. (But for your own sanity make the bell ‘is lost’ once the move is completed!)

Pack Your Presents

Christmas time means celebrating with loved ones and if you have children a visit from Santa. Whatever you do make sure Santa does not lose his sack during the move! It’s probably a good idea to have the presents packed into your luggage or a box that moves with you. That way you can pack into your car the morning of your move and be assured it moves with you. The last thing you want is to move on Christmas Eve and realise you have forgotten all the gifts. Its pretty slim pickings after 5 pm on Christmas Eve for gift shopping!! 





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