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The 3 Best Tips When Relocating from Sydney to Melbourne

The 3 Best Tips When Relocating from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving between Melbourne and Sydney? Men That Move know the moving business and we know moving interstate is a big process. Moving between cities is never easy regardless of whether you are relocating to be closer to your family, for school or work purposes. The hustle of adjusting to life in a new city is unmatched. While the thought of relocating sounds like fun, it comes with its set of challenges.

For example, in Australia, there are two major cities; Sydney and Melbourne. Moving between the two brings up challenges such as budget management and change of weather. You will also have to account for factors such as rent, cost of moving, stress, and loneliness. How do you go about relocating? Our Men That Move team have put together these three tips for moving interstate.

  1. Research 

If you’re relocating from Melbourne to Sydney, you need to research and understand the differences between the two. What is the cost of living in the two cities? Is the weather similar?

For starters, Sydney residents enjoy better weather all year round despite receiving more rainfall than Melbourne. You see, Melbourne is a city of extremes; it has hotter summers and colder winters. The area often experiences drizzles; thus, the skies take longer to clear. Alternatively, Sydney experiences heavy rainfall, which clears fast. Sydney has 104 clear days, while Melbourne has only 49. If you fancy spending more time outdoors, you will love it in Sydney.

Sydney’s coastline is better than Melbourne by far. Its beaches are renowned for their beauty. Sydney has at least 100 beaches, unlike Melbourne, which has fewer. Melbourne has some nice beaches, too, but it takes a lot of travelling to get to the decent ones. 

Life in Melbourne trounces life in Sydney as the cost of living is at least 11% cheaper. Even rent is cheaper in Melbourne. A typical 1 bedroom rents at AUD 2,689 in Sydney and AUD 1,725 in Melbourne. Also moving around in Melbourne is easy as the city has a well-thought public transport network. The city is built in a grid format, which makes it easier to move around. 

The public transport network is more efficient in Melbourne than in Sydney. In addition, Melbourne has a bustling food scene. They have cuisines from all over, and the meals are cooked to perfection. Surprisingly the meals are quite cheap. 

According to the crowd-sourced database Numbeo, the cost of living in Melbourne is significantly cheaper than in Sydney. For example, meat is 6.08% cheaper in Melbourne, while milk is 1.14% cheaper. White bread, rice, and eggs are more expensive in Melbourne. The same applies to tomatoes, potatoes, and cappuccino. 

Utilities are also expensive in Melbourne. For example, you will typically pay AUD 184.17 for essential utilities such as water, electricity, garbage, heating, etc. for an 85m2 apartment in Sydney. The same utilities will set cost you AUD 204.04 in Melbourne. The Internet is also cheaper in Sydney. 

Recent statistics show that rent is 20-26% cheaper in Melbourne. A 3-bedroom apartment in Sydney will charge AUD 4,215.79 per month, while the same type of apartment will charge AUD 3,400 per month in Melbourne. The average salaries in the two cities also differ Sydney residents earning 7.86% more than their Melbourne counterparts. 

In terms of security, Sydney is safer than Melbourne. The latest Safe Cities Index ranks Sydney as the 6th safest city in the world.  Melbourne currently sits at position 10, which is a slight decline compared to previous years. Both cities have almost the same security features, except Sydney ranked better in personal security. 

  1. Budget for the move

After researching and comparing both cities, you know the best areas to relocate to. Instead of focusing on the weather, shift your attention towards the best areas to live. Look for the neighbourhood that suits your needs. Preferably, an area that is near your new workplace, school, or favourite hangout spots. 

Now that you know where you want to live look for a home. Compare the cost of living and crime rates of different neighbourhoods. Check the rents against your disposable income. Once you're sure where you want to relocate, you can contact a moving company

Add the cost of moving your belongings to the budget. You can opt to pack and transport everything on your own, or you can hire a professional moving company. 

  1. Organize your move 

Begin making plans early and save enough to cater for expenses on the road as well as payments. Seek the services of a moving company that will provide boxes and load them into their trucks. If you prefer to accomplish everything by yourself, you can hire a truck. 

Before you leave, pay your utilities and cancel your subscriptions. Talk to your friends and family. Say goodbye and begin your journey. 

Once you arrive in Melbourne, the fun and excitement will die down soon once it hits you that you're now in a new place and away from friends. The first 2-3 weeks will be hard as you try to navigate the city and learn about the city. After a month or two, you will have made friends, learnt more about the city, and it will begin to feel like home. You will experience challenges living in a different city, but you will learn to cope. 


For moving logistics advice and booking the best interstate removalist call our Men That Move team and we will go the extra mile to make sure your move runs smoothly.


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