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Top 5 Tips for Moving House in Winter

Top 5 Tips for Moving House in Winter

Moving houses in Sydney's winter or Melbourne’s winter? Even though Australia doesn’t snow in the capital cities it can still be rainy, cold and wet. Moving house in winter just needs a little extra care and planning for it to run smoothly. Here are our top 5 tips for moving house in Winter. 


1. Hire Professional Removalists

Men that Move are experienced Sydney removalists - we know how to move people’s furniture and treasured belongings safely in winter. We have all of the moving extras like plastic drop sheets and plastic moving boxes. Our trucks and vans are always kept in tip-top condition so are safe driving in any weather including wintery rains. But it’s not just about the trucks and equipment, our removalists are very experienced. The moving team knows how to move in rain, hail and shine, keeping your furniture dry and safe. DIY moving in winter can be troublesome due to the inclement weather and especially if you have hired a truck with no previous truck driving experience which makes driving in heavy rain dangerous. 

2. Protect Flooring

Winter weather is unpredictable and sudden rain can happen anytime - especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Protect the floors in your new home with heavy-duty plastic sheets and old sheets over the top of them to prevent slipping on wet plastic. Place them in the main traffic areas on moving day. Protect all the floor even if it's wood or tiles as dirt and mud will get everywhere. Plus the doors will be open a lot meaning rain can easily flow right in the front door. Also, protect the floors of the home you are moving out from - you do not want to pay extra cleaning charges!

3. Men That Move Plastic Boxes

Plastic moving boxes protect your belongings much better than cardboard moving boxes -, especially in wet weather. Our eco-friendly plastic boxes are waterproof and have lids to keep the contents dry. Sturdy in design unlike cardboard that will fall apart in the rain or plastic boxes remain strong and intact. We also drop off our plastic boxes to your door and collect them after you move free of charge!

4. Gas and Electricity when Moving House

If it's possible, set up the utilities like gas and electricity the day before you move in or if you can’t make sure it is switched on for the moving day. You want your first night to be warm and cosy not cold and dark! But also it is good to run the heaters during the move as if they have not been turned on in a while you can air out the house at the same time (with the movers and boxes coming in open doors). Often gas heaters or wall heaters can smell a bit when turned on after being off for some time.


5. Keep Organised - Winter Clothes

Keep your winter clothes labelled clearly and in a box in your car. Not all your winter clothes but just a couple of days worth and also winter essentials like umbrellas and winter boots. This means even in a house full of boxes waiting to be unpacked you can get dressed in your warm clothes and coat ready to walk to the local for a morning coffee the day after moving! 


Moving house in winter does not mean doom and gloom if the weather is unpleasant, Men That Move makes it easy and keeps your furniture and belongings dry and protected.


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