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Should I Move On Grand Final Day

Should I Move On Grand Final Day

If you are a Penrith Panthers fan you may not want to move on the grand final day, same for fans of the Broncos, Raiders, Sharks and Storm as all these teams have a good chance of winning the NRL grand final. But if you barrack for the West Tigers, Dragons, Bulldogs or the Dolphins then you might just feel that moving on the NRL grand final day is a great time to book in! Whatever the case whether you are an NRL fan or not we can move you on Grand Final day without any worries. 

The NRL grand final this year is on the 1st of October at Accor Stadium. It is played Sunday night so we should have your move completed by the time the game starts. Of course, this depends on what time you are booking, but even if it's the grand final weekend and you need to move on Saturday or Sunday our removalist team can help you. 

Perhaps instead of thinking if you should move on the grand final day in Sydney it might be worth thinking if you should book a removalist for the weekend or a weekday. The key to a successful move is booking the best removalist and the best day to move. The best day isn't just dependent on factors like weekdays, weekends or a big public event like a grand final, but it's more about your criteria. Do you work on weekends, do you need a cheaper weekday rate to fit a tight moving budget or do you just want to make sure your move is done and dusted before the first minute of the grand final on Sunday night? 


Our Tips On the Best Day to Move 


Avoid the Weekend Rush (Friday-Sunday): Surprisingly, weekends, especially Friday through Sunday, are often the worst days to plan a move. Since most homeowners have time off work, they naturally opt for moving during these days. This makes weekends a peak time for relocations, and professional movers quickly become fully booked, often charging higher rates due to factors like weekend pay rates and higher demand. Men That Move 

Go for Weekdays (Monday-Thursday): The ideal time to relocate is during the weekdays when most people are working. Demand for moving services is lower, which translates into more availability and often lower costs. Additionally, moving between Monday and Thursday means you have the weekend to finish unpacking, arranging your new place, and gearing up for the coming work week. In fact, we currently have a special with a huge discount of $20 per hour. 



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Optimal Time of Day: Rise and Shine


If you've chosen to move on a weekday, aim to start early, roughly between 8 am and 10 am. An early start offers cooler conditions if you are moving house in summer, sparing you and your movers the scorching heat later in the day. And also it means your move will not be affected by any other removalists bookings running over time and coming late to your move. But also booking in the morning gives you time to be in before the sun sets and have you eating dinner at the table on time and ready to relax after a big day of moving. 


Timing is Everything


Planning a house move is a big undertaking. By avoiding peak moving times like weekends and opting for early mornings during weekdays, you can save money and reduce stress. Remember, moving often takes longer than anticipated, so start as early as possible. This strategic approach to scheduling your move not only makes the process more efficient but also more comfortable for everyone involved. Happy moving! And remember moving on the grand final day is fine as long as you aren’t moving next to Accor Stadium!



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