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Hi, thank you for contacting Men that Move for your upcoming move, we hope that you found your experience with us to be satisfactory so far and we look forward to helping you relocate.

Please see below for the important terms and conditions relating to the Men that Move services:


  • Bookings are subject to availability – which is listed on our website www.menthatmove.com
  • To qualify for the Men that Move free box promotion, bookings must be made via the Men that Move website www.menthatmove.com
  • A deposit for all move bookings is required from the customer once the booking has been submitted online. This deposit can be made via the phone or email.
  • The deposit will be required per booking, to secure the booking – before supply and free use of the Eco box promotion.
  • If a deposit is not made within 24hrs of the booking being submitted, the booking shall be removed from our system. This means that the availability will be made for other customers to book the space within our schedule.
  • Full payment of the balance of the move is required upon completion of the move. Customers must be present to make payment. This can be paid for via MasterCard, Visa or cash.

Eco Boxes'
  • ECO Boxes’ must be ordered online – the details of how to do this will be contained in the confirmation email received by the customer, once the booking is made.
  • The ECO boxes are available free of charge for a maximum period of 14 days, with delivery and collection included. The dates of the delivery and collection will be confirmed in advance via the online ordering system and somebody must be present upon our arrival for both delivery and collection.
  • If somebody is not available at either the delivery or collection of the boxes’, additional charges may apply.
  • No payment for the boxes will be required upon delivery – provided the deposit for the move has been paid.
  • All packing materials are subject to charge. These charges are advertised online at www.menthatmove.com
  • The use of the ECO boxes for longer than 14 days is permitted, however additional charges will apply.

Other Details
  • Once the booking is completed online the date booked agreed are fixed into place, a date cannot be held or reserved prior to this.
  • Specific timings of your move are listed online however some flexibility is possible, subject to availability.
  • Additional travel charges will apply to locations outside of the Men that Move specified 30km radius of the CBD (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane). You will be advised of this following receipt of your booking.
  • Men that Move commit to supplying the service as specified within the online booking – If this service is not suitable on moving day, Men that Move cannot commit to fulfilling your moving requirements adequately.
  • If Men that Move are required to make changes to your booking the customer will be notified.
  • Changes to the content of the booking must be notified prior to the date and can only be agreed upon in writing via our booking team and is subject to availability.
  • Rescheduling – Rescheduling of moves requires a minimum 7 days notice in writing of the affected date and is subject to availability. Notification is required in writing. If less than 7 days’ notice is received a penalty charge will be incurred. This charge will be equal to the minimum charge of the service booked and/or the deposit paid.
  • Cancellations – any cancellations must be made in writing with a minimum 7 days’ notice of the affected date. If less than 7 days’ notice is received a penalty charge will be incurred. This charge will be equal to the minimum charge of the service booked and/or deposit paid.
  • Insurance – Men that Move are happy to offer a comprehensive insurance package as part of our services. The terms and conditions of these insurances are agreed to upon completion of the online booking process. All procedures relating to any damages claims must be followed in accordance with the outlined stipulations of these policies.
  • Storage Insurance – no insurance is provided for storage. This must be supplied by the customer.
  • Storage Costs – These are charged on a monthly basis only. Prices will be disclosed at the time of enquiry.


Once a booking is made with Men that Move – via phone, email or our online booking services, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated above.

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