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Plastic Moving Boxes

Beetlebox rents green, plastic moving crates to people moving house. You’ll save money and time, and protect your stuff and the planet.

Beetleboxes are designed to stack well – they won’t slip off, and cause an avalanche the way cheap cardboard boxes tend to. Beetleboxes are made of durable plactic which is crush-proof, and water resistant. You know how with paper boxes, you have to find the end of the packing tape, and build the box, only to have to do it again when you want to close it up? Never mind if you forget what’s in one, or want to add something to a closed box. Beetleboxes have attached lids that are easy to open and they securely close. Another problem with cardboard reuse is that the paper based material makes a nice home for bedbugs, and other insects. Do you really want to share bed linen with the last guy that used your cardboard box? Rest assured that when you hire moving boxes from us, they are thoroughly cleaned and hand wiped after each use (with an environmentally friendly solution, of course!).

Beetlebox delivers clean, stackable, plastic crates with labels to your front door.

You simply fill the containers, snap the attached lids shut, and get moving to your new location.

Stack the empty crates neatly inside each other, and we’ll come and collect them.

Beetlebox is a consistent 5 star rated business, but don’t take our word for it.
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Plastic Moving Box Hire in Sydney

Beetlebox supplies eco-friendly and re-usable plastic boxes to individuals and businesses who are moving premises in, and around Sydney. Our plastic boxes are sturdy, secure and easily stacked and moved, making them the logical decision for your next move. We offer FREE Delivery to Inner Sydney suburbs, have been featured in Smart Company as a sustainable business and contribute to Realestate.com.au with insights for moving. Trust Beetlebox for a environmentally friendly solution to the headaches of broken valuables – rent plastic boxes for moving!

Plastic Moving Boxes FAQs

Yes the boxes are available for sale for $40+GST each.
  • Deliveries within our service area (20km from the CBD as the crow flies) are free if your order is over $100.
  • For orders under $100, a delivery charge will apply.
  • Outside of the delivery area, but still within 40km, add $50.
  • Anything over 40km, please contact us for a quote.
  • Deliveries are conveniently made during 1.5 hour time slots.
  • If you want the boxes picked up before your collection date, no worries, just let us know.
  • If you want to keep the boxes longer than initially booked, thats fine too, please check the prices page for additional weekly charges.

Delivery Hours
8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday
9am-5pm Saturday
Closed Sunday

Beetlebox rents reusable eco-friendly plastic moving boxes for residential and commercial removal needs throughout metropolitan Sydney. Beetlebox also sells packing materials. Your entire order is delivered to your home or office and conveniently picked up from your new location. Beetlebox is not a moving company – we supply the boxes. You, (or your movers, mates, and madmen) do the heavy lifting. That said, the Beetlebox system makes it much easier for you to pack and move, and we are happy to recommend trusted movers in your area.
  • Because reducing and reusing are better than recycling. Recycling cardboard uses a huge amount of energy and water. Beetleboxes can be used over 100 times.
  • Because Beetleboxes have comfortable handes, and are easier to pick up – have you ever tried to pick up a cardboard tea chest loaded up with 30kgs of stuff?
  • Because Beetleboxes are more sturdy – your stuff will NOT get crushed, or dented or bent.
  • There is no building boxes, finding the end of the packing tape, breaking down boxes at the end. Beetleboxes stack when full, close and seal easily, and they nest out of the way when you’re done.
  • You will save money – you or your movers can pack faster, move a stack of boxes faster, and cleanup faster.
You can book for up to four weeks initially. Also, since we know that sometimes moves don’t go according to plan, you can also extend. Please give us as much notice as possible via email/text/phone, and we’ll extend the rental period in weekly increments according to our prices page. If you really love your Beetleboxes, you can buy some for $40+GST each!
Beetleboxes have been specifically designed for residential moves. The dimensions in cm are 68 x 43 x 32 , and the volume that they hold is 73 litres. They’re as big as possible while they can still be comfortably carried through a standard Australian door opening. Traditional cardboard moving solutions involve several different sized boxes, which makes securely transporting them a problem. Because Beetleboxes are one standard size, your (or your movers) job of moving them and securing them in the truck is made much easier, saving time, and in turn, saving you money.
Beetleboxes are delivered to your door fully assembled, and ready to be used. The boxes have attached hinged lids which fold out while the boxes are being filled. Once a box is full, you simply flip the lid closed, label it, and move onto the next one. No fiddling to try to find the end of the roll of tape.
Rest assured that Beetleboxes are very sturdy – much more rugged than a cardboard box. Also, we understand that you are moving, so there will be some wear and tear. However, if a box gets lost, or damaged beyond repair, the customer will be liable to pay the replacement cost of $44 per box. For other replacement costs please see our terms and conditions.
Beetlebox accepts direct deposits, cash, or credit card payments (Visa/MC/Amex incur a 2.6% surcharge). Payments are taken either in advance over the phone, or on delivery.
Nested: we stack the boxes 22 high, since any taller, and it becomes hard to remove the top box, so they store pretty compactly when not filled with stuff. Once you get your belongings inside, we recommend stacking them 4-5 high, again, for convenience.
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