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How to Hire Great Movers and Still Stay Within Your Budget

How to Hire Great Movers and Still Stay Within Your Budget

Whether you are moving across Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane or buying a new home halfway across the country, a professional mover can make your life easier. The DIY approach may be fine for small and short-distance moves, but you cannot exactly ask your friends to follow you from Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane.

If you have a large and complex move, you are going to need professional help to make sure your possessions arrive in the same condition they left in. But how can you find a quality mover who can do the job with honesty and integrity? Even more importantly, how can you fit that professional move into your overall budget?

There are a few things you can do to trim the cost of those professional moving services. With a few simple changes, you can reduce the high cost of moving and still get the professional service and property protection you need.

As with all things moving, planning ahead could save you a lot of time and money. As moving day approaches, you should create a detailed moving checklist, one that clearly spells out what you need to do and when.

That checklist should start months ahead of the move and continue on to the day the move takes place. Once you have that checklist in place, you can easily see where you stand and how much you still have to do. If you get off track, you can make midstream readjustments to get back on course. Just as important, you can share your checklist with the movers you hire, so they can see at a glance which tasks have been completed and which ones still remain. Creating and following your pre-moving checklist has another important benefit, one that could save you even more time and money.

By taking care of some of the work on your own, you can take a hybrid approach to the professional movers you hire. Instead of having those pros do everything, you can let them focus on the big-ticket items - things like furniture and appliances. These big-ticket items would be very difficult to move on your own, but professional movers handle them every day. At the same time, you can pack up and move those smaller items on your own, reducing the cost of the professional move and making the entire job a lot easier. Packing isn't for everyone though, that is why we offer a full service that includes a packing service

This approach can work well, especially if you are driving to your new location and have a reasonably large vehicle. You may not be able to take everything, but you can make a money-saving dent in your professional moving bill.

No matter which approach you take to your move, it is important to check the movers out carefully. Read the reviews, ask lots of questions, ensure you are across terms and conditions and know exactly what is and is not included in the service.

The more you know, the easier it will be to complete the move without losing your mind or your money.  

Men That Move are a leading Removalist in Sydney We offer an online service so that you can easily check availability or get an esitmate or you can speak with one of our friednly moving representatives by calling 1800 438 668


Affordable Piano Removalists in Sydney

Affordable Piano Removalists in Sydney

At Men That Move we are very experienced in safely relocating pianos. We take great care when moving pianos and follow very careful procedures. Our affordable piano removal service is available across numerous locations. Our high quality piano moving service is completed by experienced piano removalists. Our moving vehicles are fully equipped to safely store pianos during transit. We use only specialist’s equipment when securing pianos to ensure no damage occurs in transit.
Piano Moving Prices

We provide prices that will suit your budget. Cheap piano removal may end up costly and traumatic if it results in a broken piano. We make our price affordable and have expert removalists. Special piano moving equipment includes trolleys and secure vans. We don’t charge exorbitant prices and take into account your specific move requirements to give you a tailored quote Let us know the move locations, any stairs and the piano size. All of these details will help us to give you an up front and all-inclusive price. With us you will avoid hidden charges and have no surprises.

  • Peace of Mind with safe and secure removal of your piano
  • Specialists removalists that have experience in piano removals
  • Affordable and tailored quotes
  • No hidden charges
  • Free quote service
  • Reliable and Insured

Speak to us today and we can provide a price to move your piano. We cover all areas and have experience with moving all types of pianos. Whether it’s a baby grand or upright piano we have it covered. At Men That Move we understand how precious and important your piano is and we treat every move with great care. No shortcuts will be taken and we make sure to take every precaution to keep your piano safe in transit.

Men That Move

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Moving and Packing Tips

Moving and Packing Tips

Moving is all about packing. Make it an easier process by using our eco-friendly plastic boxes. The boxes are stackable with flip lids. This means you can pack items in advance and neatly store them in your home. Preparation is the key to a successful move. Don’t leave everything to the last minute. It will only serve to make the whole experience extremely stressful. Follow these tips to help make the move easy.

    • Pack items not used daily in advance
    • Label every box with room and summary of contents
    • Do not overload boxes
    • Use bubble wrap and linen for fragile items
    • Wrap any easily scratched items
    • Pot plant bases should be wrapped in plastic
    • Pack any fragile items such as paintings, mirrors and glassware in bubble wrap and cardboard
    • Use a packing service if you can’t manage it all by yourself.


Thinking ahead well before the move date will help you on the day. Have a move pack ready, with scissors, labels, permanent markers and tape. Write a list of contents for each room; don’t list each small item if they can be grouped into a category. Pack your own bag with valuable jewellery items and move this in your own car on the day.
A great tip to try and follow is to start spring cleaning your house in the weeks before the move. Cleaning out items you don’t need any more and tidying each room will not only make the packing easier but the unpacking much quicker.

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